The most famous cinema of ... Amira Casar

Amira Casar, French actress member of the jury of the Critics' Week.

How do you handle anxiety?

I am less anxious and more and more worried about the bestiality of humanity. My survival depends on my inspiration, my integrity. I eat the works of others. I go to the cinema, the opera, the theater. I fill my soul and my retina with beauty and ungrateful cousin, ugliness. I read the writings of painters like Jannis Kounellis. I take singing lessons. Breath is the key to deep happiness in my eyes.

Clouzot said: a good movie is a good story, a good story and a good story. It's not swelling, people who repeat themselves?

Digging, knitting his obsession to obsession, seems to me to be the obsession (oh so necessary) of the artist.

What reconversion for you if it goes wrong?

Dialogist-writer? Art historian, "collaborator" conductor diva (I will calm and advise them), guide for blind and disabled in museums, artistic agent, trainer highly sensitive horses, archivist tapestry (Belgian and Aubusson ) rebirth.

Is it better to be beautiful on the screen and ugly in life, or vice versa?

Yes and no. Everything is about taste, light … perspective. My paradoxical work is to make visible the invisible and the invisible visible, with my disaster and the disaster of others.

The weather is decisive for the development of your talent?

I shot at -20 ° C in light gear, + 40 ° C with a military gear. Time decides more than the weather.

For or against Xavier Dolan?

For, for, for. We have things to say to each other, this pretty boy and me. I'm waiting for him to model me in his own way.

Plagiarism of which you are most proud?

I do not copy, I'm not a shaper.

What is the difference between a Cannes jury and a panel of experts from RMC's Grand Gueules?

The smart mouths are, alas, an endangered species. The fear of displeasing is the disease of the century. To dare to be oneself in all circumstances seems to me salutary for the safeguarding of one's soul. Thomas Bernhard said: "There are no stupid questions, but silly answers." So I swear to tell the truth and nothing but my truth.

The cinema dies. An epitaph?

You were so great, come back to me, my love!

Guillaume Tion

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