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Bill Covitz is an American artist who has been sculpting instruments on ice for more than 20 years. But what you may never have been able to imagine is that your creations will sound like the most glorious concert in history. Right at the northern end of the arctic. In this point,with temperatures below twelve degrees, the music flowed to the rhythm of cello, musical horns and bells that joined the percussion on ice to send a message: the urgency to protect at least 30% of our oceans by 2030 and claim the creation of marine sanctuaries.

The unusual concert was carried out by a group of Swedish musicians who participate in the expedition from Polo to Polo, the most ambitious in the history of Greenpeace and which visits the oceans of Arctic antarctic for almost a year.The artists performed the piece Ocean Memories, composed for the occasion by the Norwegian musician TerjeIsungset, with instruments sculpted in icecollected in the gliding waters of the arctic ocean.

You have to treat the ice with respect, otherwise it breaks. We must do the same with nature, explained Isungset, director and composer of the piece, three minutes long, in which the artists had to endure temperatures below twelve degrees below zero.

By focusing on the arctic ocean and the loss of icewe want to emphasize the immediate need to create marine sanctuaries, not only in the North Pole, but throughout the planet, assured Pilar Marcos, responsible for the Ocanos campaign of Greenpeace in Spain. The concert coincides, in fact, with the negotiations of the governments with the United Nations to try to reach a Global Treaty of the Ocanos that could pave the way for the creation of a network of marine sanctuaries.

The rticomarc this winter a new record of loss of ice and last April the average temperature was eight degrees above average at this time of year.

The expedition from Polo to Polo brings on board scientists and activists to investigate the mainthreatsthat lurk the waters of the high seas:climate change, overfishing, pollution by plastics, mining and prospections in search of oil and genetic resources, what the pharmacists do. In this first stage, the ships Esperanza and Artic Sunrise, of the environmental organization, have moved to the extreme north of the planet to document the enormous threats posed by climate change, overfishing and pollution by plastics in the arctic ocean.

This is not the first time that Greenpeace organizes a concert in the arctic to demand the protection of the oceans, although never as it has been done so far north nor with instruments made exclusively with ice. On the previous occasion,three years ago, the concertist Ludovico Einaudiinterpret with his grand piano, on a floating platform in front of a glacier, an original piece created especially for that moment. His music supported the request of eight million people who request the protection of the arctic.

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