The most opportunistic San Isidro

The star menu of this Wednesday in the prairie of San Isidro have not been the gallinejas, or the intricacies, or the rosquillas of the saint, but the electoral opportunism, which has been squeezed -until limits in some cases not decent- to monopolize the vote in the final "sprint" towards 26-M. If there has been an election announcement that has drawn attention on this day has been that of Begoña Villacís, candidate for mayor of Madrid by Citizens, informing that she was going to advance her due date to this Friday.

Upon his arrival at the Carabanchel park, accompanied by his counterpart in the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, and the president of the party, Albert Rivera, was the first to speak to convey his intimate news. Before making his statements, due to the large number of journalists and onlookers surrounding them, he joked: "How nice to feel so much human warmth! No, if in the end you are going to get delivery live. Squeeze a little more and you'll see ». He then revealed that this year he was going to ask the saint for something "special": "I am going to take the opportunity to announce that I will finally have to advance the birth of my baby, as the doctors have advised me. How is my third cesarean section going to be on Friday? In the end I will not be able to take it anymore, which is what I would have wanted ». The municipal councilor has confided to be "wishing to see the face" of her baby, who will be called Ines, and added that he can not continue what remains of the race.

The support of Casado and Rivera
The head of lists have been walking through the park of Carabanchel doing the digestion of the last electoral survey, which gives the triumph of the progressive block both in the Community of Madrid and the City Council of the capital. With the ball still in the stomach for the right and the good taste of mouth that left him on the left, candidates who aspire to both places have shared heated space (at 30 degrees) with part of the people of Madrid who will entrust their support .

Only two national leaders have covered their aspirants, Rivera and Pablo Casado, who have agreed to make a call to mobilize citizens to achieve government in both the Royal Mail House and the Palacio de Cibeles. "We humbly ask that the vote be concentrated in the PP. There is a party yes, and above all we do not want to go from the Champions League to the second division ", has launched the leader of the popular along with José Luis Martínez-Almeida, his bet for the Mayor, and Isabel Díaz Ayuso, for the Community, both dressed in the male chulapo suit.

The spokesman of the Municipal People's Group has advanced a new promise and has given to choose to the madrileños between "the hell" of More Madrid or "the oasis" of the PP: "Carmena has raised of 100 euros of average to any Madrilenian that lives in this city in the last four years. I intend to lower taxes to any Madrid resident in this city 150 euros for the next four years ».

Put an end to the bulls
The candidate of Podemos to the Community of Madrid, Isabel Serra, has taken advantage of the bullfighting atmosphere that surrounds San Isidro to ensure that if she takes the reins of Puerta del Sol she will hold a referendum "to prohibit bullfighting." "I believe that a fair country is that country that is also fair to animals, that does not mistreat them," he argued.

Now Madrid has made sure to place a new ad in the press that will not be implemented, if possible, until the end of the year. Madrid Diario has gathered that the San Isidro park will be reformed to connect it with Madrid Río with a budget of 3.3 million euros. The mayoress of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, for the second consecutive year has not walked around the premises at the end of the mass. Still convalescing due to his ankle injury, he preferred to go home to rest. More confident and guasona than in any edition of this traditional party has said that the Madrid patron was going to pray that Madrid was "all the best". «It follows that the saint will tell me: Manuela, stay, you will do very well», he added.

The color and more humorous note Vox has put. Rocío Monastario, president of the training in Madrid and candidate for the Community; her husband, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, deputy secretary of international relations for the party, and Javier Ortega Smith (Mayor) have appeared on the grass dressed as chulapos feet and have left their rivals singing to journalists, even in three times, the mythical chotis of Agustín Lara versioned for the occasion: «Madrid, Madrid, Madrid, Carmena that little you have left here. Madrid, Madrid, Madrid, we will clean the sidewalks at last. And we will open that almond that you closed, ruining the merchant who only wanted to live, Madrid ». (tagsToTranslate) isidro (t) opportunist (t) 2019

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