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The most unusual Marvel series today ended in Hungary

Marvel’s Moon Knight series ends, which has become both ingenious and unpleasant.

Marvel has brought us another series, and this time a really special piece awaits fans, because it’s not quite common to see the adventure film The Mummy and the Slightly Fuzzy “Love Child” starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke.

Moon Knight, with only six episodes, is about a gentle, somewhat unfortunate museum worker, Steve, who realizes he has a personality disorder and also has a ruthless mercenary personality, endowed with super-ability by a the gods of Egypt. typical story, right?

Let’s start with the fact that Oscar Isaac is straight into his role / role, as Steve’s clown and the fighters of Marc’s teasing are real emotionally, partly thanks to his great game, sometimes amusingly exaggerated – and Ethan Hawke’s series is very compelling . Her main evil, and May Calamawy will be a new favorite for many, as she perfectly carries the role of a tough wife who can hold everything together while kicking a few s * egs.

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It’s a rather separate, unique, weird Marvel adventure, which differs in its atmosphere and structure from what has been seen so far. Egyptian culture and mysticism come forward, and there is always some unexpected excitement that our hero struggles with personality disorder – and as we get to know him more and more, Oscar Isaac’s character becomes more and more sympathetic, so the musicians are treated to. good character.

Moon Knight’s plot is confusing and elusive at times, and the constant “bounces” quickly become frustrating, but the series can bring a nice, intriguing level all the way that we’ll never be bored – especially when the creators upset us at cutting. enter the most tense action scene one and only show the final result.

While watching the series, sometimes we may feel that the creators did not know where the limit was sometimes and “too much” we see, but at the end of these parts we usually get a satisfactory reward for such mistakes can be easy . overlooked – especially for the Moon Knight looks amazingly cool, so whenever it appears, it’s always an overwhelming experience.

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As we’ve been accustomed to in most of Marvel’s work, this series breaks down a bit in the end, and the finale seems rushed and rough, which somewhat mocks the overall picture – although perhaps it would be better to feature Moon Knight the. a little more meaningful. , because this series did not leave a definite mark, which is brilliant and unpleasant in some places.

The Moon Knight, shot partly in Hungary, is adventurous, fun, exciting and pleasantly weird, and Oscar Isaac did a great job – but the end result was indecisive and rough, so we finally got a whole good set but a bit forgotten in Marvel. .

No matter how cool the Moon Knight’s appearance is, unfortunately you don’t feel that this series has a definite, planned place in the MCU, but nonetheless it’s definitely worth giving it a try, because thanks to its atmosphere and the world. is so much extra not to regret the few hours we sacrificed.

Moon Knight is available on Disney +, but a preview:

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