The moving tribute of Jack, an 85 year old American, to the Burdinnois who hid him during the war: “Extraordinary people”

During World War II, a Jewish family from Austria found refuge with Father Jean Cottiaux and Juliette Putzeys in Burdinne. Eva Rennert and her two sons, Wolfgang and Léo, were able to escape certain death in the extermination camps thanks to these two people, today recognized as “Righteous Among the Nations”.

Today, Wolfgang, who has called himself Jack since the 1940s, is the only surviving family member to have known this era. When he fled Austria in 1938 with his brother and parents and arrived in Belgium, he was only two years old. He is now 85 years old, but remembers fondly the people who saved his life.

>> Jack pays a vibrant tribute to these Burdinnois.

>> The American was honored during a moving ceremony.


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