The Museo del Pueblo provides the figure of Antonio Fraguas through his legacy

La Voz de Galicia

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Always for and for Galicia. The words are fromAntonio Fraguasand they constitute a good summary ofshow upthat oMuseo do Pobo, of which he was director and later president of his Board of Trustees, opened yesterday. A proposal that allows you to immerse yourself in the biography ofHonored by the Da das Letras Galegasfrom the intimacy that give their own notes and personal files, as well as in the most visible activity such as disseminator, ethnographer, geographer, artist and Galician, a facet is the last one to be given special attention during the journey.

The show is promoted Museo del Pueblo and the Fundación Antonio Fraguas – depositors of its legacy, both the library and archives – andbe able to visit until the end of the year. It is divided into sections: one ofBiographical content that presents a lifelong itineraryof the Cotobade polgrafo and another in which the ones are collectedDifferent aspects in which he exercised his intellectual work, leaving out the long healthy and fruitful path.

Antonio Fraguas kept practically everything and from that boot material to exposition. From his first years it can be seen from his office of entry for the bachelor's degree to notes or the certificate certifying the matriculation of honor in Universal History and Painting in Pontevedra. Among the atpase correspondence, for example, the invitation received from Leuter Gonzlez to a rally at Maside, which was the first one he offered in 1922. There is also documentation of the moment in which he was reprisals, with the lawsuit for suspension of employment and salary in Instituto de la Estrada in 1936 after the coup d'état. Personal documents that co-exist with multiple images. In recent years he has been nominated as a member of the Galician Royal Academy or the Official Chronicler of Galicia, among others.

In the section devoted to giving birth to the intellectual facet in the different fields, the most significant publications, the doctoral thesis or some of their first ethnographic works are recruited, as well as archaeological material for fieldwork.Antonio Fraguas Fraguas. Galician Letters 2019, which opens up with some of the most significant appraisals, will complete a video.

Image on the train stations

On the other hand, the image of Fraguas looks on Renfe trains and stables to commemorate the Galician Letters. In this way, the sample Insuela -author of the IES lvaro Cunqueiro de Vigo- exhbese in the information spaces Renfe has assigned in each of the main centers of Galicia. In addition, in the headrests of the half-distance trains and Avant of the routes A Corua-Santiago-Vigo and A Corua-Santiago-Ourense, it looks at the institutional image of the Da das Letras of the Xunta de Galicia.

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