The museums of Bizkaia open their doors for free this weekend. Deia, News from Bizkaia

There are all styles and conditions, from those related to art to Basque customs and history, mythology, peace and conflict, txakoli, fishing, gastronomy … Bizkaia has almost 40 museums that tomorrow , the anniversary of World Museum Day, they open their doors for free and offer 65 activities to bring their facilities and collections closer to the Biscayan public.

Specifically, there will be 38 Biscayan museums involved tomorrow in the celebration of the International Day of Museums, for which around 65 activities have been organized in 24 municipalities under the theme Museums as cultural hubs: the future of traditions. In addition, 97% of them, large, small and of different themes, will offer free admission and guided tours and, in some cases, even dramatized.

The proposals to choose are multiple and varied, such as their collections. The family public should consider the offer of workshops presented by the Arkeologi Museoa (Bilbao), the Peace Museum of Gernika and Euskal Herria Museoa (both in Gernika), Rialia (Portugalete) or Itsasoa Museoa (Santurtzi), related to its activity , linked to archeology, fishing and the sea, peace, industry linked to the estuary …

In addition, a storytelling session will be offered tomorrow at the Simón Bolívar Museum (Zior-tza-Bolibar Museum) and you can enjoy a cultural itinerary through the Encartaciones Museum (de Sopuerta), located in the former Casa de Juntas of Abellaneda and that will provide the visitor with "a historical, political, ethnographic and patrimonial vision of Enkarterri and its inhabitants".

The activities will also allow you to enjoy the exhibitions. 50th anniversary of the arrival to the moon, at the Andrés Urdaneta Natural History Museum (Loiu) or shipwrecks in the Bay of Biscay, at the Plasentia de Butrón Museum (Plentzia), as well as different conferences at the Ría de la Maritime Museum Bilbao, the Gernika Peace Museum or the Reproductions Museum in Bilbao.

Music and putxeras

The program also includes activities linked to music and gastronomy. In the Museum of Art and History of Durango there will be an experimental plastic bertso-saio with the bertsolaris Igor Elortza and Miren Amuriza, and in the Ferrería de El Pobal (Muskiz) with the activity Anvil and dulzaina. What the ironworks sounds! While in La Encartada you can see how the putxeras are prepared and then taste them, hand in hand with the local Brotherhood of La Putxera.

The celebration will last until the night with two activities: the Euskal Herria Museum in Gernika will host a talk on the anchovy and a tasting of this product, and the caves of Santimamiñe, declared a World Heritage Site and the most important archaeological site in Bizkaia, a night visit from the information point to the mouth of the cave, under the light of the candles.

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