“The natural role of Fi is the first party of the center-right, when it happens again” – Libero Quotidiano

“My goal is to bring Forza Italia back to its natural role as the first party of the center-right and the country in two years“. So Silvio Berlusconi spoke during a video call with party leaders and coordinators of the big cities who are going to vote in the spring. “We need a lot of work, we need to renew ourselves”, is the challenge launched by the Cav which therefore continues to tease Matteo Salvini. The former prime minister’s prediction seems at least bold: it is true that Fi is a very important component of the center-right, given that without its 6-7% it would be more difficult for Lega and F to get to the government, but to think that it can return to the glories of a time, among other things over two years, seems really too much. But in the meantime the Cav illustrated his manifesto to the executives of Fi: “We aim to govern the country and it is not possible to do so without the major Italian cities. A modern, winning center-right of government, projected into Europe, cannot be in opposition in Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Bologna. Fi wants and must be the protagonist of this reconquest. Starting from our local administrators, who are our future. Without Fi, there is no hope of victory anywhere“, Reiterated Berlusconi. Who knows if and how Salvini will decide to answer, but he has already lowered his tone after the rather tough battle that took place yesterday.


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