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The Netherlands is cracking down on the corona crisis

by drbyos

A policeman sends out tarpaulin spotters who are watching planes at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
Picture: EPA

The Netherlands is proud to be a liberal country. But in the Corona crisis they have no pardon.

“Spit on and shout,” Corona “is no fun – we are pursuing this consistently,” wrote the Mannheim police a few days ago on Twitter. Such incidents have also been reported from other German cities. The police have reported people for violating the Infection Protection Act, and no convictions have been reported. What is called consequently can be seen in the Netherlands. Such incidents are counted as a criminal offense and sometimes even pursued as a serious attack. In March alone, the police arrested at least ten people. Most were sentenced to several weeks in prison.

Thomas Gutschker

Thomas Gutschker

Political correspondent for the European Union, NATO and the Benelux countries based in Brussels.

In Leiden, a 19-year-old youth hit on Friday who spat on a bus driver three days earlier and claimed that he himself was infected with the corona virus. The driver had stopped the young man because his electronic ticket was not sufficiently charged. The court ruled that the young man had threatened general security. The young man now has to go to prison for eight weeks and pay the bus driver 450 euros in reparation.


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