The network compared LADA Vesta SW Cross and KIA Soul

The opinions of users are divided.

Domestic motorists on the network compared the station wagons LADA Vesta SW Cross and KIA Soul. It all started with the fact that one user wrote on the forum how he tested both cars on a test drive and expressed his opinion about them. For starters, he compared the specifications of the models and the price.

For LADA Vesta SW Cross with a 122-horsepower engine and a manual gearbox, dealers are asking for 800 thousand rubles. The cost of KIA Soul with an “automatic” with a 123-horsepower engine is one million rubles. Both wagons liked the motorist, but he was outraged by the high price.

Among the advantages of the LADA Vesta SW Cross there is an increased wheelbase, a large trunk and a higher clearance than the KIA Soul. The “Korean” advantages include a large interior, a more powerful engine and an extended warranty period (5 years or 150,000 km, Vesta has 3 years and 100,000 km).

The downside of KIA Soul, according to the user, is its “dubious appearance.” The author asked commentators to express their opinion on the models. It is noteworthy that most preferred a foreign car and believe that it is better to choose the “Korean” between KIA Soul and LADA Vesta SW Cross.

So, one of the users complained about the warranty service of LADA: “You will be tormented with a dealer butting proving that this is a warranty case.”

Another motorist wrote that he would choose KIA Soul, because it will then be easier to sell. Another user wrote that “VAZ is a lifelong vaccination against stupidity” – you just need to buy it by contacting AvtoVAZ, and a quiet life will come to an end.

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