The new album of Joan Pons group is published today


Demonstrating an unstoppable productive capacity Joan Pons already has since today new album on the market, a "Fossil energy" of which the alma mater and leader of The Petit de Cal Eril He feels especially satisfied. A work once again published by the label Bankrobber but with the rudder firmly grasped by Pons, and of which the musician and composer does not hesitate to ensure that it is his work of spirit more positive.

One of the names of the Catalan music scene most appreciated by locals and foreigners, El Petit de Cal Eril has seen his latest recordings ("The força"And, less than a year and a half ago, "Triangular") Certified with an excellent reception from critics and the public in their direct. Faithful to his way of working "Energia fosca" consciously distances himself from the sound of the previous "Triangular", lightening layers, arranging with the aim of showing the songs without unnecessary attachments.

Work of duration shooting to short, the eight pieces that compose it are interpreted by the usual team that gives life to the Petit, although this time the musicians have changed their instruments because, according to Pons, the songs requested it. In this sense the first two topics that were known from the album, "Sent
or" Y "Ets an idea", Accompanied by their respective videoclips, already showed a different form of production and sound. "Ets an idea", reproduced here, has been directed by Lluís Sellarès and has a photograph of Irene Sesé.

Thus Jordi Matas, Ildefons Alonso Valls, Artur Tort, Dani Comas and Pons himself – responsible for all the issues, as well as vocalist and electric guitar – have given form and life to a work where again the interconnection and contribution of all of them intuits decisive. To such an extent that the songs distill the essence of that dark energy of the title, and that Pons explains in his clear way: "that energy is not dark but refers to all the light, the light that illuminates all things, the elements and also our actions. That's why I say it's my most positive work. "

We will not have to wait long to see that luminous dark energy on stage, because Pons and his people will premiere on the 25th of this month in Tàrrega at the Embarrat festival, and in July they will land in the Festive Life
l, the Cruïlla and the Doctor Music Festival, among others.

The group led by Joan Pons will present his new work in numerous festivals such as Life, Cruïlla and Doctor Music


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