The new cold war of 5G


Watching a football game will stop being a flat experience. There will not even be a television. Thanks to a virtual reality glasses, the viewer will enter the locker room and go out to the field with the players, and you can follow the game from the part of the field you choose, in real time. If on a trip the traveler relapses from his old cardiac ailment he will not have to wait for the return. Your trusted surgeon will operate remotely thanks to surgical robots that will obey your orders instantly, even if there are thousands of kilometers in between. The fields will be sown not only of wheat, but of small chips that will control all the tasks, from irrigation to harvesting with automated tractors. Homes, factories, autonomous cars and, unfortunately, weapons arsenals will also be controlled remotely without the risk of delay because when the button is pressed, the machine or device will respond in a millisecond, which takes the brain human in triggering a hand or any muscle.

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