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The New Corona Dictatorship – Morning Briefing

by drbyos

Good morning dear readers,

for a few hours, since midnight Hungary a democratic zombie state of the European Union. With Corona, everything can be justified these days, including the introduction of one autocracy, as you can see from the example of Budapest. Prime minister Viktor Orbán Parliament had previously passed an emergency law with the vast majority of its Fidesz party and other right-wing groups. Now neo-orbanism includes governing by decree and criminal law for the critical journalism, everything indefinitely.

The spreading of “false and twisted news”, from which the government feels hindered, is now subject to severe punishment. So with supposed health care, freedom of expression is abolished, according to a method that Montesquieu has described: “A government only has to leave indefinite what is treachery and it becomes despotism.” The EU Commission has only one objection against this authorization law Urgent procedure before the European Court of Justice.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski plans to hold the May presidential election despite the pandemic of Corona.


The next fall is in Poland, another former communist satellite state. The ultra-conservative clique of power is holding on there Jaroslaw Kaczynski despite corona restrictions on presidential election on 10th of May firmly – and finally deformed the electoral law in a rush procedure. Now older citizens over the age of 60 and everyone who is in quarantine may only use Postal vote choose. It is actually not permitted to change the electoral law in the six months before the ballot. Incidentally, the government party’s notables PiS to be admired continuously on public television, which is in fact the same – the others have to campaign in their home office.

The policies of the Eastern European autocrats are a lot worse than the problem of Corona itself. Apparently, the virus catastrophe also confuses the sociologist’s picture of the paradigm shift Andreas Reckwitz has recently developed. He saw, shortly before the “outbreak”, a “regulative” in the future “Embedding liberalism” arise in response to an over-dynamic, excessive liberalism, who in turn – after the Reagan-Thatcher incision – followed the old “social corporatism”. Liberal is no longer in Hungary and Poland, but a lot is corporateist.

Anyone looking at protection from Covid-19 Virologists holds, has a selection problem. Take, for example, the permanent topic Mouthguard. Should he do it with the World Health Organization WHO keep their representatives Mike Ryan stresses that there is no specific evidence of benefit from wearing masks in general? On the contrary, improper use can even cause damage. Or should you prefer the German podcast luminaries Christian Drosten and Alexander Kekulé follow who absolutely recommend mouth protection? If you ask three scientists, you get four opinions, including on the question of all questions – which does not prevent Jena and Austria from prescribing facial protection when shopping.

As uncertain as the virologists are in detail, it is as certain Supply melee around the protective material. There is a “wild west mentality” on the market, revealed Markus Söder, first health defender in Bavaria and currently “role model” in Germany. He calls for “national emergency plans” for the procurement and even organized a weekly ration of one million protective masks from Siemens; BMW now produces 10,000 masks a day. But much more is needed throughout Germany: 115 million simple pieces, almost 47 million of the higher and 7.5 million of the highest quality level. That NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet wearing a mask over your mouth, but not over your nose, is one of the fun topics on the net. Söder counters Laschet’s wish for an early exit from the corona shutdown with a date: April 19. This is how long the new going-out limits apply in Bavaria, as in Saarland.

The five have the strength of the poison at business location D “Economics” examined in a special report. Since there is nothing certain about the virus spread and the emerging health problems, the inclined reader has to decide between scenarios: minus 2.8 percent after five weeks of contact blocking, minus 5.4 percent after seven weeks. Worst-case calculations of 20 percent (Ifo Institute) keep the economy Volker Wieland for exaggerated: “We are not at war, after which the capital stock would have been bombed afterwards and the workers are at the front.” The front of today is called home office.

It has 800 free evils Filmmakers from Berlin and Brandenburg Caught. You should be involved in two important Hollywood productions that were due to be shot in Germany in 2020. It is a matter of “Matrix 4” and “Uncharted”. Supposedly instructed representatives of the US studios Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures the German colleagues at the studio Babelsberg AGto give everyone notice: “Fire them all.” A Babelsberg subsidiary also acted in this way for the temporary employment contracts, which is why there is now a legal dispute. 90 permanent employees continue to take care of the infrastructure in the hope that Hollywood will return “the day after tomorrow”.

Sparkassen President Helmut Schleweis supports the state’s loan guarantees.

After the republic scraped past the “technical recession” as if by a statistical miracle, the factual recession now no way around. How bad it gets depends on the efficiency of the government’s billion-dollar aid. Sparkasse President Helmut Schleweis expressed concern in the Handelsblatt conversation: “Some companies will not be able to help with the existing support programs.” KfW State Bank loan program Only companies that are expected to get a loan within five years could repay – but this is currently not the case for many companies from sectors such as transport, logistics, tourism and aviation, says Schleweis. The man from the Sparkasse advocates direct grants or credit guarantees of the state.

There is positive news in Italy, where the number of new infections only increased by 4050, the lowest increase since March 17. France in contrast, with 418 deaths in one day, the highest mortality rate. Meanwhile around the world 785,000 cases registered, more than 37,000 people died.

Hope in the fight against Corona brings two US medical companies. So announce Johnson & Johnson to develop a serum that may be available in the first months of 2021. Cooperate with the US government and invest a billion dollars in the fabric. Tests on people are scheduled to start in September, explains the world market leader. Abbott Laboratories again a quick test starts, which takes five minutes and for which you need a portable device the size of a toaster. The innovations for the recovery of mankind rewarded the exchange with striking price gains.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis plans to waive his salary for the next two months.

And then there’s the Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakiswho will donate half of his salary to an anti-corona fund over the next two months. That’s what the boss of the Nea Dimokratia also from members of his government and other parties: “We are all equally at risk for our health. But in the fight against it, everyone has to contribute as much as they can Lionel Messi and the other stars of the FC Barcelona. The Argentine turned sharply against reports that were apparently controlled from the club headquarters, according to which the professionals initially opposed the Pay cut would have fought. According to Messi, some in the club tried to “put pressure on us to do something we wanted to do anyway”.

I wish you a successful day when you really do what you want to do. To laugh, we recommend the Loriot sketch “After Work”, the Hebrew version of which all of Israel is currently laughing at. “Hermann”, agitated by his wife “Berta” working in the kitchen, just wants to enjoy the silence in the armchair. Again and again the man with the bulbous nose produces his mantra: “I just want to sit here.” Until he roars at the end – which proves that life is sometimes screamingly funny.

Greetings to you as always

Hans-Jürgen Jakobs
Senior editor

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