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It has caused our editors a lot of frustration in the past year, but well, enough complaints. Disney Plus is finally in our little Belgian country and that means that we can finally give our free opinion on the brand new Disney Plus application created by our northern neighbors in consultation with the headquarters in Burbank, California.

TESTED: The new Disney Plus app for Belgium

What is Disney Plus?

Well, whoever doesn’t know this has the past year (pardon our French) did not live on this globe or is just not concerned with streaming in general. But for the record, Disney Plus is the latest streaming service from The Walt Disney Company which brings together all films from labels of 20th Century Studios & Walt Disney. This way you can go exclusively on Disney+ check out blockbusters like this one from the Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar, Frozen & other franchises. In addition, there are also many series for children to watch, ranging from the Simpsons to Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers, PJ Masks, the Toy Doctor, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, … and the Disney classics such as Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Mulan, Pocahontas ,,… Don’t forget the entire library of 20th Century Studios with Avatar, all X-Men movies, Fantastic Four, Night at the Museum and of course Pixar’s digital animated films such as Coco, Ratatouille, Toy Story 4, Onward,… Finally, Disney also offers exclusive content on its streaming service such as The Mandalorian, Lady & the Tramp, Artemis Fowl, Togo, Timmy Fiasco, Noelle, Stargirl,…

How does the Disney Plus app work?

How does the Disney Plus app work?

You can see from the very first moments that Disney Plus wants to be a notorious competitor of Netflix when you start using the application. The application is available for almost any ‘modern’ device ranging from Apple TV, iPhone, iPad until Android TV, MiniX Neo, Nebula Capsule,… In end of application can simply be downloaded at iOS & Android and that is immediately positive. The user experience is also worked out to perfection, because the time we got with the people at Disney to test the application showed us that it is pico bello and even the experiences related to Amazon Prime Video and other Telenet apps (Streamz, YUGO, Yelo TV, Tadaam) exceeded. You can also watch movies and series on Disney Plus download offline on a device of your choice. What was striking for us is that there is almost no Flemish versions can be found for blockbusters & feature films and that Dutch remains the language of communication for Belgians, just like on Netflix, like almost all streaming services outside that of Telenet & DPG Media than. It search for content on Disney Plus is too very clear with the latest new movies announced with a banner, of franchise titles and a search function if individual titles to view or even browse through collections (this one dares to falter from time to time). In contrast, the recommendation engine or the algorithm that offers films or series depending on what you watch on the streaming service does not work as well as that of Netflix & Streamz and we also feel that there is still a lot of potential in the immense library of Disney & 20th Century Studios. Disney Plus opts for safe content on its streaming service. Finally, there are also the personalized avatars so that you can make any member of the family become your favorite Disney character such as Elsa, Porgs, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, etc. Fun but playful detail!

What are the benefits of Disney Plus?

TESTED: The new Disney Plus app for Belgium

I already hear you say… And then? As so-called “cord cutter“I have personally always hated the way in which large telecom companies determined what content to consume, where and when. That freedom is now finally there with various streaming services to consume content via a website or application where and when you want, adapted to my rights as a Flemish or Belgian viewer (so what I can legally see according to the rules of copyright).

The freedom & flexibility of Disney Plus has many advantages. So can you on train perfect to watch some movies or series and if you on holiday take your content with you from home with lightweight cell phones, tablets or even a portable projector. So from now on you won’t hear the children complaining. Mobility is therefore a plus in times when there is so much content to be seen on all kinds of international & local streaming services. Support for Chromecasts & Wireless Display-adapters works without problems on Disney Plus. The Disney Plus app works in terms of speed & interactivity on both iOS and Android devices, on the same level as the Netflix app, which is quite an achievement. Only Prime Video does the cast info slightly better than Disney Plus & Netflix, due to their integration with IMDb, which is ultimately owned by Amazon.

You can register for Disney Plus Belgium through this link.

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