The new Ford Tourneo Connect officially: the donor does not deny, for the first time he gets a 4×4

The blue oval represents a new generation of the multi-purpose passenger car Tourneo Connect. The relationship with the Volkswagen Caddy is by no means hidden.

It is no secret that Ford and Volkswagen are working closely together to develop new commercial vehicles. The first tangible result of this cooperation is the new Tourneo Connect, which is now officially introduced in the new generation.

While the bow of the new LED headlights comes with a distinctive style, the side profile and especially the rear sections with vertically positioned lamps connected by a black belt clearly indicate who lent Ford the utility vehicles their technology. The brand will offer two different versions – L1 and L2 with an extended wheelbase, both of which have up to seven seats. The seats in the second row can be folded down, folded over and completely removed, creating a huge space for cargo or luggage. And the front passenger seat can also be folded down, so objects up to three meters long can fit in the car. After removing the second and third rows of seats, 3.1 and 2.6 m, respectively, will be created inside3.

The basic Trend trim level is complemented by the more luxurious Titanium and especially the Active version, which is inspired by the world of SUVs and crossovers. It features 17 “alloy wheels, a hexagonal grille, sill strips with a metallic effect and additional protective elements for bumpers, sills and wheel arches. Boundless blue paint is also reserved for this equipment, in total customers have a choice of ten shades.

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The Tourneo Connect has sliding doors on both sides, and inside it will delight you with countless storage spaces, as well as a wide range of equipment options. Customers can pay extra for a panoramic glass roof or dual-zone air conditioning, which are elements that we were not used to in this car category a few years ago. Inside you can also have ergonomic seats with adjustable seat length and certification from the German organization AGR.

The multimedia system has an 8.25 “screen, but on request you can reach for the ten-inch display. In both cases, they are complemented by a touch bar, which replaces the classic rotary controls for climate control or volume. We know it well from the already mentioned VW Caddy, or the eighth generation Golf. Instead of analog indicators, customers can reach for a fully digital 10.25-inch instrument panel.

The car can be connected to an application on a smartphone, so you have all the information about driving or service at hand. The owner can also look forward to 19 assistance systems, a random pre-collision assistant with autonomous emergency braking, a lane departure assistant, driver vigilance monitoring, adaptive cruise control, a hill start assistant or parking sensors at the front and rear. Other sets of assistance technologies can then expand the equipment with a parking assistant or assistant for reversing with a trailer.

The range of engines copies the pallets of Volkswagen Caddy units. The petrol engines are represented by 1.5 EcoBoost with an output of 84 kW and 220 newton meters of torque. A six-speed manual transmission is standard, but you can pay extra for an automatic dual clutch. This is the first time that a petrol unit has been combined with an automatic transmission in this model.

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An alternative is a 2.0 EcoBlue turbodiesel with an output of 75 kW and 280 newton meters, or 90 kW and 320 Nm. Here, too, it is standardly combined with a six-speed manual, which can also be enriched with all-wheel drive (also for the first time). The two-clutch automat is connected only with the front wheel. The four-cylinder diesel engines are equipped with twin-dosing technology, which uses the injection of an additive into the exhaust system segment upstream of the two SCR catalysts to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. Ford also borrows this technology from Volkswagen.

Customers can order the novelty at the beginning of 2022, the first pieces will appear on Czech roads in the spring. At that time we will already know all the details about the prices.



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