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The new “free” electricity service has been launched in Norway

The new “free” electricity service has been launched in Norway

Pluto TV will offer movies, series and sports.

The TV sky has a new hanging star. Or the dwarf plane, to be exact. The new one – which has just been launched in Scandinavia – is called Pluto TV and is an ad-based streaming service.

In a media world where it’s easy to spend hundreds of kroner a month for some entertainment to watch, it’s always nice with “free” alternatives. In return for watching some commercials, you get the opportunity to choose freely from a program catalog of more than 70 channels – with content ranging from sports and Star Trek.

Behind Pluto TV we find Paramount, which here in Norway has only been on the field for a little over a year, then with the Paramount + service. But unlike Paramount +, it costs nothing to use Pluto TV.

The content will be taken from the Paramount brand family, with separate channels for certain MTV broadcasts and Comedy Central content such as South Park.

For kids, we have channels for SpongeBob, PAW Patrol and Dora the Explorer.

In addition, Pluto TV runs with both movies and sports, but typically you can’t expect the latest and hottest movie titles or latest sporting events. Unless you rely on MMA and rallycross.

Otherwise, it should also be capable of crime content, while the nerds among us can at least comfort us with a dedicated Star Trek channel where we will find Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.

Initially, Pluto TV will also partner with Viafree, an advertising-based video-on-demand (AVOD) service. Viafree will ensure that content can be broadcast whenever we want it, and also serves “local content” in the form of, among others, Luksusfellen, Eventyrlig Oppussing, Camp Kulinaris and Charterfeber.

But be aware that Viafree will eventually be phased out and become a standalone service.

In any case, the content will be free, so remember to exchange some ads now and then. According to Pluto TV representatives, it is mostly a matter of advertising breaks of around five minutes per hour, but that this may also depend on the type of content being broadcast.

The service is at least available through the browser www.pluto.tv and does not require registration.

In addition, Pluto TV has its own Android and iOS applications, and there are smart TV applications from at least LG and Samsung. In addition, there will be opportunities for Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV from early June.

According to itself, Pluto TV has more than 54 million active users every month.

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