The new Honda Civic is determined to maintain manual transmission


JAKARTA – Honda Motor has just released a new Honda Civic design concept. Recently, Gary Robinson, Gary Robinson, Honda assistant vice president of automobile product planning to Car and Driver, said that the Honda Civic will maintain the manual transmission in the new car. (Also read: 980 Cars in Guangzhou Automobile Successfully Build a Crowd)

In addition to having a six-speed automatic transmission, the new Honda Civic will still have a choice of a six-speed manual transmission. Of course this will be very exciting for Honda Civic fans with a manual transmission which according to Gary Robinson is an integral part of the Honda Civic.

“For us, this is what makes this car fun. Manual transmission has become a big part of our DNA. Maybe I can say, we have a great reputation in manual transmission,” said Gary Robinson.

He admitted that at this time many young people, as potential future buyers, were not very familiar with manual transmissions. Many of them can’t even drive cars with manual transmissions. (Also read: Hyundai Successfully Plows Valentino Rossi’s Protege to Participate in Rally Competitions)

It’s just that he believes there will be some young people who will really like manual transmissions because the sensation of driving a car is much different from an automatic transmission car.

“Indeed, compared to before, young people are now buying less manual cars. But at least it proves that they have not forgotten it at all,” said Gary Robinson.

Honda’s decision to maintain a manual transmission on the new Honda Civic is in stark contrast to what various automotive manufacturers are currently doing. Many of them no longer make cars with manual transmissions. The electrification trend makes existing cars come with automatic transmissions.

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