The new hummer gets crab mode

The video shows that “crab mode” is practically nothing more than driving all wheels at once, but with the upcoming hummer it is different from current models with this system, where the wheels turn against each other at low speeds for better cornering.

The Hummer can turn four wheels in one direction, and at the same angle, so the car can drive sideways.

Hummer can use this system, for example, in the field, on social networks there is already speculation about the usability in longitudinal parking, when the system generally increases the maneuverability of a large SUV.

The video then shows that it will be possible to turn it off and on and it should be part of the optional equipment. In other words, not every new hummer will have “crab mode.”

We will find out what else the upcoming pick-up will offer us on October 20 this year, when the hummer will have its premiere.

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