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The New Jersey family destroyed by coronavirus searches for answers

by drbyos

Surviving members of the New Jersey family ravaged by the coronavirus ask for answers while two brothers remained in sustenance in a New Jersey hospital.

Bridget Fusco Betlow, the family’s fifth daughter, told The Post on Thursday that she was overwhelmed by the fatal impact that the coronavirus is having on her family.

“I’m insensitive. I don’t even know what to try,” said Bridget Fusco Betlow, 52, in a short telephone interview.

“My mother, brother and sister are all gone and we have no answers.”

Fusco Betlow, one of 11 children, spoke to The Post a few hours before the death of Vincent Fusco, the fourth member of the family to die of disease.

Her sister Elizabeth Fusco, said in CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” that the family is still waiting for the test results for a sister in serious condition.

“Doctors don’t know if it’s positive and how they treat someone, if [they don’t] have test results, “said Elizabeth.

A third brother hospitalized in Elizabeth is in stable condition, her cousin and family lawyer Roseann Paradiso told CNN.

The family is also waiting for the results of the tests conducted Saturday to 19 other relatives, including spouses and children of the victims, according to Paradiso.

“Nobody ever expected a family of 11 to be decimated in this way,” said Paradiso. “We have a long way to go.”

Elizabeth described the heartache that her family suffered with four deaths from the virus since Thursday.

“It’s like the second we start crying for one, the phone rings and there’s another person gone, taken by us forever,” he said.

The first victim of the family was Rita, 55, a religion teacher in St. Robert Bellarmine’s co-cathedral in Freehold, who died on Thursday.

The eldest son of the Fusco family, Carmine, 55, died in a hospital in Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

Later Wednesday evening, the 73-year-old matriarch of the family, Grace Fusco, died without knowing that the virus had already claimed the lives of two of her children, reportedly.


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