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The new Moskvich-412 2022-2023 was featured in the first photos. All features have been announced

The Soviet auto industry offers a large number of different models. Moreover, many of them were in demand in neighboring countries. One of the most important representatives in this case is Moskvich-412. This rear-wheel drive budget model was produced not only in the Soviet Union and Russia, but also in Belgium and Bulgaria. Its production ended in 1999.

According to the designer of the web portal cenyavto.com, Renault could well return Moskvich-412 2022-2023 to the market. At the same time, a completely new car would come out under that name, and the domestic AvtoVAZ would engage in its production. It is worth noting that rumors of a possible revival of the Moskvich brand have appeared on the Internet before. Back in 2015, it was assumed that under this brand Renault would produce budget models in the style of Logan, Sandero and Duster. However, an independent designer has suggested that a 2-door coupe and making them into a muscle car should be a pioneer in this regard.

Judging by the renderings, Moskvich AZLK 2022-2023 will be designed in the style of American models in the 60s-70s of the last century. In front of the car, a large hood immediately caught the eye. It probably hides a fairly powerful power unit. A large radiator grille stretches along the entire perimeter of the front, which should help with cooling like an engine. It blends with the LED headlights. The side profile looks standard for these models. The most interesting detail in this part is the presence of a black plastic body kit. This suggests that the car may be operating off-road. In the stern you can see LED lights and 2 rectangular exhaust.

As for the technical features of Moskvich, Renault currently does not have a platform that is tailored for powerful rear-wheel drive vehicles. Some of the company’s plants today are adapted for the production of cars on the “Trollley” B0, designed for light load. Therefore, all you can count on is a front-wheel drive model and a rear-wheel drive plug-in. But engine choices are wider. Under the hood of the gift, a 1.6-liter “sucked” engine with 114 hp could be accommodated. or a 1.3-horsepower 150-horsepower turbo engine. There can be no questions about any V8. In tandem with the indicated units, a manual transmission or an “automatic” gearbox could work. Estimated cost of new items – 1.6 – 1.7 million rubles.

Author: P. Afanasiev

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