The new Opel Grandland is coming to the Czech market. How much does it cost?

Opel is diligently innovating its entire model range and today is launching facelifted flagship SUV brands on the Czech market, the current generation of which has been sold since 2017 and has so far found more than 300,000 cars. The compact Grandland SUV lost the letter X from the name during the modernization, but instead acquired the new face of the Opel Vizor, inspired by the legendary Manta, which it takes over from the smaller, already facelifted siblings Mokka and Crossland.

Top SUV brands with a modern face now rely on a more distinctive design and with the new front finally boasts smart matrix headlights IntelliLux LED Pixel from Insignia – each of the headlights consists of 84 diode elements and seamlessly adapts the light beam to the current driving situation. The innovated front part is the biggest design change, because the next visible eye is only the big name of the model on the stern.

Photo: Opel

Opel’s new visor mask refers to the legendary Opel Manta A coupe

In addition to the rejuvenated exterior and intelligent headlights, a key innovation for the Opel Grandland is the night vision system introduced in the upgraded Peugeot 3008 with the same technical basis, and the interior has also undergone major changes. Following the example of the new Mokka, it is equipped with a newly designed “Pure Panel” architecture with optically connected screens of a virtual cockpit and a multimedia system.

Although Opel is working on the visual and digital detox of its interiors and as a member of the Stellantis Group has borrowed some controls from French colleagues, compared to the latest Peugeot and Citroëns, the modernized Grandland retains more intuitive equipment control with buttons – for example the air conditioning is still set dashboard, not in the infotainment menu.

Photo: Opel

Each of the IntelliLux LED Pixel headlights consists of 84 diode elements

The basic engine of the facelifted Opel Grandland is a 1.2 Turbo three-cylinder petrol engine with 130 horsepower (96 kW), 230 Nm of torque and a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission. You can then have a single four-cylinder 1.5 CDTI turbodiesel with 130 hp (96 kW) and 300 Nm exclusively with an eight-speed automatic.

A greener alternative to a purely petrol and diesel engine are the plug-in hybrid drives Hybrid and Hybrid4, with which the modernized Grandland offers the highest available performance. Both hybrid variants combine a 1.6 Direct Injection Turbo petrol engine with an electrified drive system, but differ in the number of connected electric motors and driven wheels.

Photo: Opel

The modernized interior of Grandland has a new “Pure Panel” architecture

The more common Grandland Hybrid combines a 180-horsepower (133 kW) combustion engine with a single 110-horsepower (81.2 kW) electric motor on the front axle, has 224 horsepower (165 kW) and 360 Nm system, and travels 64 kilometers purely on electricity according to WLTP. Overall, the most powerful engine is the Hybrid4 with a 200-horsepower (147 kW) engine, which adds a 113-horsepower (83 kW) rear electric motor to the front electric motor of the standard Hybrid, so it has all-wheel drive. Thanks to this, it achieves a system output of 300 hp (221 kW) and a torque of 520 Nm and an electrical range of 65 km according to WLTP.

The new Opel Grandland is sold on the Czech market with a special discount of 60 to 100 thousand crowns, depending on the level of equipment. With such an advantage, the basic price for a car with a 1.2 Turbo engine and a manual starts from CZK 569,990 (the surcharge for an eight-speed automatic machine is CZK 50,000). The cheapest version with a 1.5 CDTi turbodiesel costs from 659,990 crowns. The electrified Grandland Hybrid then costs from 959,990 crowns and you pay at least 1,119,990 crowns for the top Hybrid4.


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