The new owner of “Dzintara” promises to resume production of cosmetics already in October

Independent already wrotethat the assets of “Dzintara” were purchased by SIA “Ritrem” – a micro-company with a share capital of 2845 euros, which last year had not paid a euro to the state of Latvia in taxes. But at the same time, Ritrem is part of the Skinest Group, and its parent company is Daugavpils Locomotive Repair Plant, which employs more than 600 people in Latvia.

“Our only goal is to save the legendary brand, resume production and turn Dzintara again into a success story that will make every inhabitant of Latvia proud,” comments Oleg Osinovskis, owner of Skinest Group. According to him, “Dzintars” with a history of 170 years was definitely one of the symbols of Latvia’s national pride. Daugavpils Locomotive Repair Plant is a great example of how to get the company back on its feet and make it play an important role at the local, regional and national level, the company said in a statement.

“We have significant experience not only in the maintenance of industrial companies, but also in their successful management. This, in turn, means hundreds of jobs and millions of tax revenues for the state, ”says O. Osinovskis.

Skinest Group sees great potential in Dzintara’s past activities in both research and development and manufacturing. “People both in Latvia and elsewhere are waiting for the return of” Amber “, and it will happen, there is no doubt about that. The company is in good hands, and we have enough capital to ensure that the company receives all the investments necessary for its development, ”emphasizes O. Osinovskis.

SIA “Ritrem” paid 5.5 million euros for “Dzintara” assets. The total purchase fee consisted of: purchase fee for real estate at 30 Mālu Street (5,000,000 euros), purchase fee for perfumery and cosmetics production equipment, transport, etc. (749 units in total), office machinery, equipment and furniture (400,000 euros), purchase price fee for 87 trademarks registered in the name of “Amber” (100,000 euros). However, the “Amber” trademarks are currently registered in the name of the former “Amber” president Ilya Gerchikov. Currently, a civil case has been initiated regarding the renewal of property rights to trademarks in favor of “Dzintars”.

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