The new owner saves the Poláky chateau

For the last thirty years, the castle had no use, changed several owners and fell into disrepair. According to the plans of the new owner, it could be opened to the public in about four years.

The new owner bought the chateau in January this year with the aim of saving it and restoring it with all the monumentally valuable components. Basically, rescue work was started immediately, which was urgent due to the emergency situation.

“The missing roof covering on the chateau building was supplemented and overgrowth was gradually removed from the entire complex. The castle literally slipped out of the grip of lush greenery. The courtyard has already been cleaned and piles of rubble removed, ”Dempír described his first work.

Although the building is no longer used for three dozen lies, in terms of its monumental nature, many details of the original decoration have been preserved. To this day, the decorative exterior neo-baroque facades have been largely preserved, mostly the original windows with fittings, doors, parquet floors and extremely impressive stucco interior decoration. However, some elements, such as a set of historic tiled stoves, were stolen, others completely destroyed.

From the life of the nobility during the First Republic

A number of volunteers from almost the entire country took part in the renovation, clearing up individual parts of the complex as part of regular brigades held once a month and at the same time carrying out minor renovation work.

“The big event was especially the removal of air raids from the castle’s English park, which was still an impenetrable jungle in the spring. Now it is possible to walk through the park and see several elements of the original decoration, which were successfully discovered in the stands, “said Dempír.

In September, a complete reconstruction of the former residence of the administrator of the estate was started, in which, after the completion of the works, facilities will be created for owners, temporary workers and employees of construction companies. The Ministry of Culture contributed to the reconstruction.

Reconstruction of the castle is planned as long-term. “Especially since the intention is to save the maximum of the elements of the original decoration of the castle, which have been preserved in large numbers. Already during the reconstruction, perhaps within four years, the chateau will be open to the public, “added Dempír. The costs for the overall renovation are estimated at at least 30 million crowns.

An interior representing the life of the petty nobility during the First Republic will be installed in the interiors. The chateau kitchen will be restored on the ground floor and in other parts of the chateau, defunct or inaccessible chateau buildings from the Kadaň and Nechranicko areas will be presented.

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