The new poll is a blow to Kaczyński. United opposition wins against PiS

The united opposition wins against PiS – according to the latest poll of the Pollster Research Institute for “Super Express”. If the opposition (without the Left) went to the elections together, they would get 39 percent. endorsement.

If civil Platform, Nowoczesna, Poland 2050 Szymon Hołownia and PSL went to the parliamentary elections together, they would have defeated the United Right by a difference of four percentage points.

For the party Jarosław Kaczyński 35.33 percent would vote Poles. United opposition would get 39 percent. endorsement. Confederation (10.2 percent) and Nowa Lewica (9.55 percent) would also enter the Sejm. Kukiz’15 (3.93 percent) would be outside the Sejm.

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Marian Banaś

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New poll. The united opposition wins, and the divided opposition loses

In a separate start in the opposition elections, the United Right (34.48 percent) wins before the Civic Coalition (25.78 percent) and Szymon Hołownia’s Polish 2050 (16.29 percent). The following members would also enter the Sejm: Confederation (9.68%) and Nowa Lewica (8.27%). PSL (3.07%) and Kukiz’15 (2.15%) would be outside the Sejm.

Poll The election campaign was carried out by the Pollster Research Institute on July 30 – August 2 on a sample of 1,049 adult Poles.


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