The new president of Zamalek sends a message to Al-Ahly club

Counselor Ahmed Al-Bakri directed the head of the appointed committee to manage the club Zamalek، A message to Al-Ahly Club, where he was keen to congratulate Al-Ahly for winning the championship African Champions League.

Al-Bakri said in radio statements: “We congratulate Al-Ahly, and we want it to be a relationship Zamalek With all the clubs, headed by the Red Castle and the Olympic Committee at the highest level, we are looking to open a new page with everyone.

He added, “We will review the memberships that were canceled from Zamalek in the last period, and we are looking for a return to calm inside the White Castle, and whoever has dues will receive it.”

He continued, “Ayman Younes will assume the presidency of the football committee.” Zamalek Abdel Halim Ali and Ashraf Qasim will assist him, and we are negotiating with Ahmed Ramzi in order to be present. A committee of sages will be formed to consult on important decisions headed by Kamal Darwish, with Ahmad Mustafa and Muhammad Amer.

He also added, “We have the right to be present in the upcoming elections, but we will not do that and we will be satisfied with the temporary period during which we will run the club.”

He concluded, “We are looking to appoint an Executive Director For Zamalek Club In the coming days, we have no relationship from near or far with the violations that occurred during the era of the previous council, and we will leave the matter to the prosecution and the judiciary ».

And announced Ministry of Youth and SportsFor the formation of a committee to manage the affairs of the Zamalek Club for Sports, which comes in light of the Ministry’s decision to suspend the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club and refer it to the Public Prosecution.

A committee was formed to be responsible for managing and conducting business Zamalek club For sports, in light of the Egyptian Sports Law and the Statute of the Zamalek Club, and the formation of the temporary committee concerned with managing the club with the membership of each of:

1- Judge Ahmed Bakri Mohamed Hamida, President of the Court of Appeal at the Cairo Court of Appeal.

2- Judge Hisham Ibrahim Mohamed Mahmoud, President of the Court of Appeal at the Cairo Court of Appeal.

3- First General Advocate Mohamed Sayed Attia Ali Ahmed, First General Advocate in the Public Prosecution Office at the Court of Cassation.


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