The new rapper Giron Doble smoked the net: As, I sleep, I burn, I smoke

The Girona Pol Plaja, artistically known as Doble, will perform for the first time on Saturday in the Auditorium of Girona to present his new work, "Livin 'the Hug Life". It will be accompanied by Hug Sound as a producer and DJ.

With more than 6 million hits from the video "3am" and 76,000 subscribers to its youtube channel, despite its youth, Double is becoming a real phenomenon in networks, and there is a place in the hip-hop scene. Doble takes over in the Girona scene of the legendary Geronación group.

Precisely Urban, the artistic name of an ex-Geronation ex-member, is the representative of Doble and feels proud of the success of clips like "Livin the hug life", which in just 10 days exceeds 40,000 visits to YouTube.

Here are some verses on the subject that Double sings at the hip of hip hop:

"Mommy do not ask me anymore
I already gave you everything I could give
Shot under the porch smoke my wido
Drawn on the sofa thinking about what I write
Music and my compis, this is my sport
Like, I sleep, I burn smoke …
We are good, we are in it, I swear to you "


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