The new roadmap to the stricter corona rules – politics

The federal government is considering further measures in the fight against the corona pandemic. “Today” says how it goes now.

As reported, the number of new infections across Austria rose by a total of 1,575 in just one day. That is about the same number of corona cases as yesterday Monday. On January 11th, 1,536 new infections were reported.

In addition, more and more cases of the new mutation are occurring in Austria: In the Tyrolean municipality of Jochberg (Kitzbühel district) there are around 17 cases of specific suspicion of the one that occurred in Great Britain in September CoronavirusMutation before. There are several clusters in Vienna.

On Tuesday, consultations are still going on until late at night in the Federal Chancellery. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) speaks to experts and his staff, the Council of Ministers will take place on Wednesday. At this date, the decisions should be made. In addition to other measures, this also includes an official decision on the vaccination strategy. Retirement and nursing homes should go first be vaccinated. In some hospitals, vaccination has already started at full speed. However, this strategy is “only” based on a recommendation by the National Vaccination Board. That should change now.

When does the lockdown end?

It is not yet clear how the schools will continue. On “Today”-The Chancellery denied the request that a decision had already been made. It is to be met and announced on Wednesday. There are still numerous consultations with experts behind the scenes. But where the journey is going has long been clear to all political observers: Kurz & Co. do not want to take any risks and will close the schools – probably even until February 21 (when the semester break in Upper Austria and Styria ends). Also from the Ministry of Education said it opposite “Today”: “Everything will be clear by the middle of the week.”

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Exit restrictions only apply in Austria for ten days, after which they must be resolved again, an extension in the main committee of the National Council is imminent. The end of the lockdown has been announced for January 24th. However, many are now asking themselves whether – as in Germany by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) – could run until Easter.

This rule comes on Friday

What is already fixed: On Friday, January 15th, an amendment to the entry regulations of the Ministry of Health will come into force. The tough new requirement: compulsory electronic registration (pre-travel clearance, PTC) before entering Austria. The electronic registration form will be available in German and English on the website “”.

“Entrants are obliged to present the confirmation of transmission from the PTC system electronically or in printed form during an inspection. No registration is required if the entry is made for unforeseeable, urgent reasons that are particularly worthy of consideration in the family circle. The registration obligation does not apply to transit passengers or Passers-by, commuter traffic, animal care, the maintenance of goods and passenger traffic as well as a few other exceptions, “says a letter to Austrians abroad “Today” present. More here >>

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