the new simulator to calculate the social benefits you can claim

My aids: the new simulator to calculate the social aids you can claim

MY AID – Social minima, family allowances and housing aid … It is difficult to navigate among the myriad of aids and social benefits. A new site allows you to evaluate in a few clicks the aid to which you are entitled.

[Mis à jour le 9 mars 2017 à 09h27] Imagine arriving at the counter and asking your interlocutor: “What social assistance am I entitled to?” Social minima, sickness or family benefits, housing aid, grants … It is very difficult to find one’s way among all the social benefits. Many even give up their rights, ignoring the aid they can claim. In order to inform potential beneficiaries of these benefits, the State, in partnership with the department of Seine-et-Marne (77), launched on March 9 the new version of the site

Available on the web since October 2014 in an experimental version, this simulator allows you to assess your rights to 15 national aids, as well as local aids in your region of residence. Launched in the presence of Ségolène Neuville, the Secretary of State responsible for people with disabilities and the fight against exclusion, this simulator is part of the action to simplify access to administration and modernize the action public. “With this simulator, our ambition is to support everyone more effectively in activating their rights. It is both a question of informing the general public […], But also to give social work professionals the tools to enable them to engage in a constructive dialogue with the people being monitored in order to orient them as best as possible towards the aid to which they are entitled, “said the Secretary of State.

My helpers: how does the site work?

The site is very easy to use. It only takes a few minutes to get a personalized result. You start by informing yourself about your family situation: do you live alone? Do you have dependent children? Where do you live ? Then, the site asks you to list the different types of resources perceived during the past year. You will have to enter the amounts later. If the information to be indicated is rather general, it is better to remain precise, in order to obtain a simulation as close as possible to your situation. After entering this information, the simulator shows you the social assistance and benefits you can claim, as well as their potential amounts. Mes-aides then suggests that you take the necessary steps to obtain your services. You can thus pre-fill the request forms and know the supporting documents to attach to your file. Each simulation is anonymous and no information about you is kept on the site. It should also be noted that this site is only a simulation tool and that the results may differ, once at the counter.

Around 1,300 people assessed their aid rights daily at the end of 2016. Developed by a “state start-up”, the site is designed as a free calculation engine, the code of which is open. This open-source construction method allows “any entity [de] freely check, be inspired, copy, and modify this service “, indicates the” About “section of the site. In the long term, local services and assistance will be integrated by local authorities who wish to do so.

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