The new Škoda Octavia RS has been given police colors and can be used in Britain

The Škoda Octavia works in police forces not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the United Kingdom. And while, according to available information, Czech police officers have recently received the so-called four-eyed octavia, ie the third generation after the facelift, the fourth generation of the Czech bestseller in police colors is already available in Great Britain. In addition, straight in the RS version with a 245k two-liter turbo engine.

That it is available means that the message is brought by the British representation of Škoda with just such words. So far, none of the local police forces uses octavia in police coloring.

At the moment, the reconstruction includes only the blue beacons, located on the roof, in the rear front and in the front of the car, as well as a three-tone siren. However, there is a much wider arsenal on offer, such as a camera system with the ability to read the license plates of other cars or an air-conditioned section for dogs in the back of the car. The press release does not talk about radios and radars, but the former is a matter of course and we dare to mark the possibility of installing the latter as very probable.

However, we learn that in addition to the petrol RS, station wagons, diesel RSs, all-wheel drive vehicles and plug-in hybrid RS iVs will also undergo a similar conversion. Reconstruction prices were not announced.

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