The New York clothing company promises to help women apply for political office

M.M. LaFleur announced on Monday that it will allow women running to the office to borrow their clothes, free of charge, until they are elected or suspended from their campaign.

ST PAUL, Minn. – During the democratic debates on Wednesday evening, gender has been a topic of discussion a few times. Eligibility has arrived, referring to women applying for a job. It’s 2020 and we’re still talking about the appearance of a candidate, her dress, her hair and her voice.

On Monday (President’s Day), the New York City women’s clothing company M.M. LaFleur has announced that it will lend its clothes to women for free as they fight for a political position.

This is what customer email reads, in part:

“As we head into primary season, we want to do our little bit in supporting women candidates. One of the ways we’ve been able to do this in the past is by dressing women for the election campaign. In the past few years, we’ve dressed Candidates ranging from Cynthia Nixon to Representative Stephanie Murphy. This spring, we are taking a further step by lending our clothes, free of charge, to any woman applying for public office, whether it be the House of Representatives or the city council. ” .

This news was welcome for Meggie Whittorf, executive director of Women Winning.

“All the while, political information was exchanged with a handshake and a wink,” said Whittorf. “Our job is to remove those barriers and get that information to women who come forward to apply for the office.”

Women Winning is a 501 (c) 3 policy that helps candidate women to get in touch with the resources needed to create a successful campaign. Whittorf explained that part of his work includes attempting to break down the barriers faced by women candidates.

“It can be a check on how someone is dressed, it can be on their voice,” said Whittorf. “What we see is over time, all these narratives can manifest themselves in comments like, ‘I really like it, but I don’t think it can beat this and that.'”

Whittorf said he had heard that kind of sentence too many times. So when you heard of M.M. LaFleur’s efforts, he thought it could be a great resource for candidates working with Women Winning.

“I think a dress worn by a woman will win her in the elections? No,” said Whittorf. “I think there are barriers when women increase to run for office? Yes. If we can identify some of these barriers and remove them, then we will absolutely do it.”

“The mission of our company from day one has always been, ‘the world is a better place where women are successful in the workplace'”, M.M. On Thursday, LaFleur founder Sarah LaFleur said in video chat. “In this case, the job appears to be at national or state level.”

LaFleur explained that after the 2016 elections, he listened to customers who encouraged the company to do more to help more women fill political positions.

“It’s 2020 and nobody seems to be talking about Biden’s seeds,” said LaFleur. “It’s definitely a sexism that exists and at the same time, what we’re saying is that since sexism exists, I want to give women an advantage in jumping.”

His seven-year-old company didn’t start out with the intention of making clothes that customers found “perfect” for the campaign. He also made it clear that he does not believe that a certain dress for a woman will lead to a certain result. However, he said he wanted to be part of a solution, saying that regardless of the office, women deserve not to worry about what they are wearing.

“Yes, it’s a shame that I think what you’re wearing is something you could be judged on,” said LaFleur. “But I think if he is able to communicate the idea that you want to communicate about who you are as a potential representative, if he gives you more confidence than you want or need on that day, why not borrow the power costume? “

LaFleur said that women interested in applying for a position can contact email at He said that all you need is your name and some credentials (like a campaign website) and a company stylist will guide you in the search for clothing that works for you.

He said the program will last until November and will provide clothing to women until the end of their campaign, regardless of the outcome.

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