Thursday, 15 Nov 2018

The New Yorker's cover is a tribute to the women and people of color elected to Congress

FOR HIS The latest cover of the New Yorker, political artist Barry Blitt puts a creative touch on "white space".

Blitt's illustration, entitled "Welcome to Congress," describes a dominant band of literally white men that begins to give way to a touch of color when women come on the scene.

The picture reflects the record number of women heading to Capitol Hill. "The women who ran this year were remarkably diverse – Black, Latina, Native American," wrote Mary Jordan of The Washington Post.

"Welcome to Congress" by Barry Blitt. (The New Yorker 2018) (by Barry Blitt (The New Yorker 2018))

"In all the bitterness and folly of recent weeks – hell, in recent years – it seems like we just had a good time," Blitt, a New York art editor, said in an article. on the magazine's website.

"We spent two years hoping for a big change on the day of the mid-term election, but on Wednesday, the expected blue wave did not materialize," Mouly told The Washington Post. . "The artists sent dozens of sketches, each trying to capture a moment that was constantly changing.

"In the end," she continues, "we've chosen Blitt's witty design. It captures the thing we all want to hang on to: the future is here, bringing fresh air into an oppressive and confined room. "

Among Blitt's prominent political covers over the years are the Obamas who are hitting in the fist ("The Politics of Fear") and Trump as a beauty contest candidate ("Miss Congeniality"). And last year, they were gathered in the retrospective "Blitt" hardcover.


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