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The news that Instagram prepares for this year

Throughout the past year, we have seen how all social networks and many other platforms released large updates, which changed their operation in a radical way. This has happened for example with Twitter, who released among other things his first tweets with audio and his version of Stories. Now, Instagram prepares to innovate.

The social network has become incredibly popular in recent years, and now that they have a massive audience, it is time to move forward so as not to get old like others like Snapchat, from which it was so inspired. It is precisely in the Stories, which they have taken from that app, that they will innovate, as they prepare the launch of “Vertical Stories” this year.

That is, instead of going through this section of temporary content from one side to the other, it would be done from top to bottom, as happens in other apps such as TikTok, which for the moment continues to be the network that has “exploited” the most in recent times. In this way, it is intended to be a more natural movement, similar to how we are used to exploring other sites on the web.

It would be similar to when the startup was made vertical, a change that did not go down well with the users so it was reversed shortly after. “This is an early prototype and is not currently being tested on Instagram,” the company said after it was leaked on Twitter that they were working on this. But it is not the only thing that is preparing to hit Instagram in 2021.

The option to share content from the feed in the stories would also be completely eliminated, which for some users is already being implemented, and this would have the goal of having less repetitive content in your app. Ultimately, they will give Reels a greater focus, which suggests that they will be increasingly oriented towards video content rather than photos.

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