The next iPhone could detect signs of depression

In the United States, Apple is working with the University of California, pharmaceutical company Biogen, and Duke University to determine whether data, such as facial expressions and keystroke measurements, can be warning signs. – runners of mental health problems.

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Around the Covid-19 and other ailments, several experiments are carried out by universities and medical groups, thanks to connected watches and smartphones. It was found that the data collected by their In the space domain, a stellar sensor is an optoelectronic device used for the orientation of satellites. “Data-image =” images / midioriginal / 6/3/4 / 6349c4ee96_50036247_capteurrecopesca-image-node-full.jpg “data-url =” “data-more = “Read the definition”>sensors, and in particular that which makes it possible to raise the heart rate, make it possible to predict the first signs leading to respiratory distress due to coronavirus current, or other diseases.

In the United States, in addition to the Apple Watch, it is with l’iPhone that the University of California at Los Angeles, pharmaceutical company Biogen, and Duke University in North Carolina are working with Apple to diagnose signs of both depression, mild cognitive decline, and even depression.autism in children. With the fruit of his studies, according to information obtained by The Wall Street Journal, the firm with the apple would even seek, in the long term, to create an algorithm sufficiently reliable to identify these affections. The diagnostics would be developed from biometric data collected by the iPhone and Apple Watch.

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Identify depression by measuring keystrokes

The experiment carried out by Ucla is called Seabreeze and will last for three years. The project started a year ago, with a pilot test involving 150 people. The second, more substantial phase brings together 3,000 individuals. In this study, which seeks to identify the signs of stress, anxiety and depression, the virtual keyboard, the selfie camera and the microphone of the iPhone act as sensors. The idea is to analyze facial expressions and the way of expressing oneself to identify the emotional state of the person. The typing speed on the keyboard virtual, as well as errors are also exploited. Apple Watch is also used for monitor heart activity and respiratory. Finally, it is a Beddit accessory that is used to assess the quality of the sleep.

The project led by Biogen door π’s name = … “data-image =” “data-url =” https : // “data-more =” Read more “>Pi. These are the signs autism of the child which are sought through data related to cognitive functions. This study which will bring together a Historically, a Roman legion had ten cohorts numbered from I to X. © Peter Bernik, Shutterstock
Cohort study
A study of … “data-image =” “data-url =” https: // news / sante / definitions / medecine-cohorte-15863 / “data-more =” Read more “>cohort of 20,000 people also seeks to identify signs of mild cognitive impairment. The project will last two years. In this study, the Apple Watch and the iPhone will be used. Finally, the experiment conducted by Duke University will also rely on the photo sensor to assess the level of concentration children.

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As noted by WSJ, Apple is eagerly awaiting the findings of these studies. The manufacturer would like to integrate in the next iPhone an application or a function that can warn the user in the event of warning signs. In any case, if Apple implements detection solutions in its devices, the collection of this data by the various sensors should, as often, pose certain problems relating to the protection of the user’s private data.

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