The next step in the case of Assange extradition is due in the UK court on Friday


LONDON (Reuters) – Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, is due before a court in London on Friday, facing the next step of U's attempt to try him spying charges after a minister said inside the Great that he did the American extradition request to validate.

PHOTO FILE: PHOTO FILE: Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, leaves Southwark Crown Court after receiving his sentence in London, Britain, 1 May, 2019. REUTERS / Henry Nicholls / File Photo / Photo File – RC133EC4E9D0

Assange, 47, has accused her of conspiring to empty US government computers and violating expulsion law.

He is currently imprisoned in London after having been imprisoned for 50 weeks to skip bail after fleeing to Ecuadorean embassy to avoid extradition in Sweden for questioning in a 2012 sexual assault investigation.

“I am delighted that the police were finally able to catch him and now he's right behind the bars because he broke UK law,” said British Secretary Sajid Javid, with BBC.

“Yesterday I signed the extradition order and confirmed it and will go before the courts tomorrow. It is ultimately a decision for the courts. ”

A Javid certificate means that the application for extradition is a valid application but it will be for the judge to decide whether Assange can be sent to the United States, taking into account issues such as whether it would infringe its human rights.

When Assange fled to Ecuadorean's embassy, ​​he said he was afraid that he would finally be extradited to the United States where he was angry by publishing hundreds of thousands of secret diplomatic cables.

British police pulled it from the embassy on 11 April and within his arrest hours, US prosecutors said they charged him with a conspiracy when trying to access a government computer classified government.

They lodged a further 17 criminal cases with that indictment when they lodged a formal extradition request.

Swedish prosecutors have also said they want to extradite Assange as part of a rape investigation which fell in 2017 although no formal application has yet been submitted.

He was too ill to attend that hearing and is due to come on stream on Friday at Westminster Magistrates Court where a date for his full extradition hearing is likely to be arranged.

Reporting by Michael Holden; edited by Stephen Addison

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