The nostalgic hidden detail of the new Pixar movie ‘Soul’ that nobody noticed

‘Soul’, the new Pixar film, released on the Disney + streaming platform, is stealing the hearts of animated film fans.

The new film tells the story of Joe Gardner, a jazz musician with big dreams but a job in a high school band that doesn’t make him happy.

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After a stroke of luck, Gardner gets the “touch” of his life, however, an unexpected fall leads him to the “Great Before”, the place where all souls are forged before reaching Earth.

Pixar has his followers accustomed to deep stories and also to ‘easter eggs’ or ‘easter eggs’, small hidden details that refer to other titles from the film studio.

And ‘Soul’ was no exception, as a couple of well-hidden secrets were put into the film for true lovers of Disney and Pixar animated films.

Is about Pizza Planeta’s truck, recognized for having appeared for the first time in Toy Story and then making a presence in other films as an ‘easter egg’.

The iconic vehicle appears on the left side of the “Hall of Everything”, the place where souls who need to find inspiration to find their “spark” are taken.

But it was not only the Pizza Planeta truck, but the unmistakable Luxo, the small lamp that has served as the logo of the Pixar company.

‘Soul’ has received an admirable reception on social networks, as its story has fascinated moviegoers of all ages and tastes.



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