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The Novichok poisoning victim, Charlie Rowley, left the hospital after a deadly nerve agent killed his girlfriend

The victim of intoxication in Novichok, Charlie Rowley, was released from the hospital a few weeks after the deadly nerve agent killed his girlfriend.

Charlie Rowley, 45, and Dawn Sturgess were both left for life after being infected with the deadly nerve agent on June 30th.

Dawn died tragically on July 8 after her life was extinguished.

Following the release of Mr. Rowley from Salisbury District Hospital today, Public Health England reassured people that it poses no risk to the community.

Nursing Director Lorna Wilkinson said, "Charlie has had a terrible experience that most of us could never imagine.

Dawn Sturgess died tragically on July 8th after her life was over. been extinct

Public Health English advice

Paul Cosford, Director of Health Protection and Medical Director of Public Health England said: "We are pleased that Mr. Rowley is well enough to leave the hospital . "

" For the avoidance of doubt, the exit of Mr. Rowley does not create any risk for anyone in the community.

"Our advice to the public remains unchanged."

"Do not pick up items such as syringes, needles, cosmetics, or similar items made of materials such as metal, plastic, or glass."

"Si you did not drop it, do not pick it up. "

" Today is a very important step in its recovery and all of us here at the Hospital from Salisbury, wish him good luck as he continues to improve.

"The progress he has made is a testament"

"I also want to reassure everyone that, despite the large number of people who sought advice as a result of these incidents, there have never been more than five in total. People who have been exposed to this nerve agent and admitted to the hospital for treatment.

"In the last four and a half months, our hospital has treated the five victims while the world was watching and yet we have never closed our doors."

The five Novichok victims have Been treated at Salisbury District Hospital

"I would now like to ask the media to give us the space we need to continue to do our job – to provide exceptional care to the people of Salisbury. "[19659002] Wiltshire Police Chief Kier Pritchard said," On behalf of all my officers, staff and volunteers, we welcome the news of today. that Charlie Rowley was released from the Salisbury District Hospital. We wish him the best with his continued recovery.

"I would also like to pay tribute to the staff of the Salisbury District Hospital for the exceptional care and compassion they have shown to all those who participated in this incident and to the people of the area. incident in March

"The last few months have had an unprecedented impact on all local emergency services and partner agencies and everyone's response has been outstanding.

million. Rowley had told his brother that he "remembered that Dawn had sprayed the scent on" Wiltshire Police will continue to coordinate activity with partner agencies at the local level to ensure Mr. Rowley continues to receive "[19659002] The Novichoks with whom they came into contact seem to belong to the same group that was used in the attempted murder of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in March.

It is understood that Ms. Sturgess was exp The investigators are working on the theory that the substance was in a perfume bottle thrown by the couple in a park or somewhere in downtown Salisbury and Mrs. Sturgess sprayed Novichok directly on his skin, according to a source.

Police raiding Queen Elizabeth Gardens in Salisbury, where Dawn Sturgess visited before falling ill after contacting Novichok

And Mr. Rowley told his brother that it "I remembered that Dawn had sprayed the perfume on both her wrists" which had "a strange ammonia-like odor"

An investigation was heard yesterday that 44-year-old Dawn was not sure 39 is never awake after being contaminated by the nerve agent. 19659002] The hearing, which lasted 15 minutes, learned that she had fallen ill on the morning of June 30 with "respiratory distress" at her partner's home.

Mrs. Sturgess's life support was extinguished on July 8 at the Salisbury District Hospital. eight days after having apparently been in contact with Novichok

The Novichok with whom they entered would come from the same group used for the attempted murder of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in March

Friends and family of Mrs. Sturgess paid t She paid tribute to her yesterday as she was meeting in one of her favorite pubs to share her memories.

A loved one said, "It's up to people to come and tell stories that they shared with Dawn and to say what they feel

She was loved by a lot of people who are obviously angry that she was taken away.

"She was just a really nice person who would not hurt a fly – she really looked for people and helped everyone. [19659002"ThetributeisalsoawaytoshowCharliehowmuchpeoplehavelookedafterDawnIthinkthatwouldmeanalottohimknowinghowmanypeoplecametoshowtheirrespect

Mrs. Sturgess fought for her life for several days

"It's a pity that he can not be here, but his health

After sharing drinks in his memory, they moved into a nearby field to continue the tribute.

Yesterday, emergency personnel wearing camouflage army suits were seen looking for the gardens of Queen Elizabeth. Dawn and Charlie would have found the bottle of murderous perfume.

David Ridley, Chief Coroner of Wiltshire and Swindon, confirmed that Ms. Sturgess's body had been identified by her sister, hospital staff and police on Tuesday before the autopsy.

He released his body to his family

This park is where Dawn and Charlie would have found the deadly perfume bottle

He added that the cause Ms. Sturgess's death would not be confirmed until the end Reporting from the statement Kathryn Barnes, Counter Terrorism Chief Inspector, Mr. Ridley said, "Initially, it was believed that both patients had exposed to controlled drugs contaminated on admission

. "However, it was soon established that both patients had symptoms of poisoning by organophosphates.

" It was the same symptomatology as that shown by two other individuals admitted for the first time in the same hospital on March 4th. "Mr. Rowley's House at Amesbury, Wiltshire

The alleged perpetrators of the Novichok attack on Skripal were identified by the police, he appeared this week.

Skripal, 66 , and her 33-year-old daughter Yulia was found unconscious on a park bench in Salisbury on March 4.

Several Russians were allegedly involved in the attempted murder of the former Salisbury dual agent and daughter, and

A source familiar with the investigation said: "The investigators believe they identified the alleged perpetrators of the Novichok attack by CCTV and verified this information with the records of the people who entered the country at this time.

"They (the investigators) are sure that they (the suspects) are Russians."

Property searches could last for months after 400 objects were recovered, warn the officers, while that waste and garbage will be removed.

Property searches may take months after 400 items have been recovered, agents warned, while garbage and garbage will be removed as part of the sweeping of public areas.

The Probe in the Gardens of Queen Elizabeth Continued as Seriously Ill Mr. Rowley has revealed himself to be desperate to see his youngest daughter.

He was very close to 10-year-old Gracie.

His brother Matthew, 47, said: "I said that he is missin Gracie terribly. "

" He is not in very good health. It's always 50/50. "

Grace, one of the three children that Mrs. Stiurgess had in a previous relationship, is cared for by her family in Durrington, Wiltshire.

Matthew said that he had spoken to his brother M Rowley in He vaguely remembers that Dawn had sprayed perfume on both his wrists.

He vaguely remembers that there was a strange ammonia-like smell, said Matthew.

Last week, anti-terrorist detectives revealed that they had found a small bottle containing Novichok at Mr. Rowley's at Muggleton Road, Amesbury.

They are trying to find out where the container came from and how it appeared in his house

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