The number of infected people in the Czech Republic is growing rapidly. There is a risk of a shortage of hospital beds

The reason for the tightening is the number of hospitalized – currently 802, ie the most since the beginning of the pandemic. In many places in the country, only ten percent of beds with lung ventilation are available in hospitals. On Saturday, 1,983 newly infected and six died.

If new cases increase at the same rate in the following days and weeks as before – the Czech Republic risks a shortage of beds with fans.

According to Roman Prymula, for example, in Prague up to ninety percent of covid beds are occupied. The Ministry is therefore preparing a kind of calculator.

“In fact, the hospital will always have to vacate the beds a week before the number she is interested in, and this undoubtedly has an impact on the care that is planned,” Prymula explained.

From next week, we will probably see a restriction of leisure activities, only ten or a maximum of twenty people will be able to participate. Saying YES will not be easy at all. Weddings are likely to take place with a maximum of thirty people.

“We already have several weddings here at which the infection originated and spread,” says Prymula.

But due to the coronavirus pandemic, weddings have dropped by tens of percent. Additional restrictions for some entrepreneurs can mean bankruptcy. “A certain part moved the weddings to other autumn dates, and then there are those who postpone the wedding to the next year,” said the owner of the wedding salon, Marie Nováková.

“Everyone wants to enjoy the wedding day with their loved ones in a large group, and the current measures do not add to that,” mourns the newlywed Marie Kloudová.

The new measures will also affect secondary schools. Students are likely to learn from home in the coming days. The first years could be an exception. Colleges are probably also waiting for a month of distance learning. It is said that the basic ones will not be closed yet.

According to the Minister of Health Roman Prymula, we will also have restrictions in the form of veils – we will have to wear them at least until the end of winter.


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