The nymphomaniacs and prostitutes of La Castañeda: violence in medicine

“The gates of hell”, that’s how they were known The Castañeda, the madhouse inaugurated in 1910 in the city of Mexico. In this place, now remembered for the incredible conditions of abuse and poor sanitary conditions, many were wrongly imprisoned. woman.

A flag of nymphomaniacs and another from prostitutes. the woman who came to The Castañeda for supposed diagnoses of nymphomania they were tortured: they were locked in small rooms and electrocuted.

But the truth is that many of these woman they were not loco, they only practiced their sexual life openly, they surrounded themselves with men or acted with “rebellion” and did things that they could not at that time – everything political and academic was out of their reach – even many woman They came to the asylum because their relatives wanted to get rid of them.

How do you know? After years the medical records of several patients were revealed. Many are empty. Others leave blank the spaces assigned to the description of the symptoms and the history of the illness.

Some describe the symptoms, determine the ideal diagnosis and treatment, but always from the voice of the doctor who describes and classifies.

Thus, through Rosario the doctor speaks, who in turn repeats what the woman’s brother said: “he was forced to admit her because he could not bear her at home,” the man declared upon admission.

the nymphomania now

At present the nymphomania not yet officially classified as disorder in the fifth and last edition of Diagnostic manual Y Mental disorders statistics (DSM-V), the ‘bible’ of the psychiatry.

However, in the medical field it is recognized that there are several patients who come to the office for “addiction” to sex or because they experience their sexual desire as a problem. The WHO comments that although it is a phenomenon that occurs, it is often classified as a “side effect” of others. disorders.

Still, it is true that historically nymphomania and hysteria have been seen as diseases associated, for the most part, with woman; proof of this are vibrators, which were created to help women woman to cure hysteria.

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