“The obituary will be long.” A surprising entry by Lech Wałęsa

“Wałęsa’s obituary will be long. It was not me who wrote the encyclopedia without asking and consent” – wrote the formeroriginal version of the quoted entry).

Then the politician quoted on Facebook a note from Wikipedia about himself. In his entry, Wałęsa also provided a link to the website of the Nobel Committee.

Also yesterday, the former president published an interesting post on social media. Wałęsa explained on Facebook how much he contributed to the history of Poland.

“It is worth remembering or not. How easy it is today” – the former president begins his entry (the original spelling is quoted).

“Back then, I had on my back, an army of Zomowców, under arms, MO, Military. SB. Soviet army, How to defeat communism, not to destroy you, and in the end to make friends out of these enemies. I am an agent of the SB that I am intimidated, blackmailed “, Wałęsa relates, describing the hardships of fighting the communism.

“On the other hand, in stages, across the round table, then I threw the president general, taking his place in order to finish the COMMUNE. Then I did not allow General Kiszczak, exposed to the prime minister, to become prime minister, and when I was interned, Deputy Prime Minister Rakowski came for talks and ordered him to be thrown out of the office. stairs “- further describes the politician.

“The officer guarding me handed me over exactly to the prime minister, for which he lost his job for 6 months, his name was Leszek Mazur, he is still alive. I just remind you a little” – adds Wałęsa at the end.

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