The OC restaurant takes temperatures before allowing entry into the midst of Coronavirus Fears – NBC Los Angeles

Get ready to check your temperature if you want to eat at Sichuan Impression in Orange County or one of its sister restaurants in Alhambra and West Los Angeles.

Restaurant owner Lilly Lei began checking customer temperatures at the door with a portable infrared thermometer in late January in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

But customers are not alone in having to check the temperature. Employees are scanned twice a day and sent back home if their temperatures are abnormal.

The owner has friends and relatives in China and has seen how business has been affected, which has prompted her to act now.

In late January, the owner informed his customers of the protocol on the restaurant’s Instagram page. The post said it will start using an infrared thermometer on all customers who wish to eat in Sichuan Impression as a prevention and control measure.

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Notice to prevent and control Wuhan’s new coronavirus (nCoV) Our closest friends of the Sichuan impression, after a Washington state resident was diagnosed with the new coronavirus infection, a second American case was confirmed in Chicago on 24. On the same day, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a high-level tourist notice for the Hubei epidemic in China, recommending scheduled travelers to cancel any unnecessary travel in the area. (from BBC NEWS) As a Los Angeles-based Chinese restaurant that aims to thrive traditional Chinese culinary culture, Sichuan Impression pays close attention to the development of this new epidemic. According to reports, infections are rapidly spreading across China. We at Sichuan Impression respect and enjoy having our guests who come from all corners of the world. Offering you a healthy and safe dining environment is also confirmed as our top priority. After carefully evaluating, we wish to adopt the following prevention and control measures and we sincerely ask for the cooperation of each individual guest: 1. We will use the infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of each guest who comes to dinner; 2. If an abnormal symptom such as fever is identified, we will immediately contact the nearest medical service; 3. If you refuse to cooperate with temperature measurement, for the moment we have to regret the service negatively; 4. We encourage everyone to order to-go for the time being and we will offer a 5% discount for the whole order. It has been 6 years since Sichuan Impression opened and treating everyone who comes for dinner in the same way has always been our basic principle. We are grateful for your collaboration during this extraordinary period. Sichuan Impression 26.2020 January #sichuanimpression # 锦城 里

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What may seem like an overly precautionary step is going well with customers.

“They monitor everyone who comes here and I think it’s helpful to avoid spreading the virus,” said restaurant customer Kim Nguyen.

The owner stated that he had not received any refoulement from customers or his employees.

“I think it’s a good idea because it makes people feel like the restaurant is taking care of them and making them responsible for not letting people with possible symptoms inside the restaurant,” said James Qian, a restaurant customer. .

This is not the only precaution that the restaurant has applied. Workers disinfect dirty dishes before removing them from the table, put on gloves while packing takeaway orders and cleaning chairs.

None of his employees got sick.


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