The old IKEA furniture? Bring them to the store for up to half the price in shopping vouchers

Buy Back, that is, give me back the old and buy the new: it is the initiative of Ikea that has decided to give a green (or almost) change to its turnover and to buy back the furniture it produces already used by customers. In exchange he will offer gods shopping vouchers. The initiative will be active in 27 countries and in Italy it will take place from 27 November to 6 December.

The Swedish homeware giant wants to encourage customers to exchange tables, chairs and the like for coupons rather than throwing them in the trash, and sell second-hand furniture to customers looking for a cheaper alternative.

Two birds with one stone, if you consider that the company will collect twice in this way: the value of the evaluation, in fact, is returned entirely to the customer in the form of a card returned to be spent, within two years, in the same Ikea circuit.

How Buy Back works

The Service in Italy is called “Give a Second Life to your Furniture”: In practice, Ikea collects used products (obviously only Ikea) and delivers a voucher valid for 2 years. Later he will resell them at the Bargain Corner.

It is an approach that allows us to achieve our goals related to Circularity and that has a positive impact on people and the planet”, you read on the site.

Customers can access the service through the application available at this linkby following the instructions, each customer will obtain an estimate of the value of his product which will be confirmed in the store after a final evaluation by an Ikea employee.

What products can I bring?

  • Bookcase shelves
  • desks
  • tables and coffee tables
  • chairs
  • stools and benches
  • wardrobes (not modular, with max dimensions equal to h 202 cm – L 120cm – d. 60 cm)
  • chest of drawers
  • bedside tables
  • trolleys and buffets
  • outdoor furniture
  • baby beds and cribs facilities

Articles without scratches 50% of the original price will be paid, those with small scratches 40% and those with several scratches will receive 30%.

Source: IKEA Italy

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