The Olympic dreams of the Calvo family


On the same tatami where the Bald sisters prepare for the World Cup assault (from 15 to 19 in Manchester) the dreams of dozens of children grow. Marta, world silver, and Eva, Olympic runner-up, wait their turn to train while a handful of kids try to imitate them. Many of them have arrived there following their example, trapped by a sport that engages, but that requires a lot of dedication.

When taekwondo came into the life of the Bald sisters, no one expected it to be so important. What began as a further entertainment has become the essential core of your day to day. Shared passion in family with a common goal: the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. «Three years ago we were together in Rio -where
Eva got a silver
-, but I could only go as a substitute. If we could both be in Tokyo next summer would be milk. But competing. And if we win … ». The words of Marta, the little sister, sound like desire, but they are full of reality. She was left without a place in the 2016 Games due to a controversial decision by the referees and, perhaps because of that, she looks now with some fear towards the future.

Nerves before the World
His ranking brings him closer to that event in Japan, although it is the World Cup – where they will compete on Saturday and Sunday – which marks the way in a remarkable way. "Ufff, it's 120 points," he says as if he's been thinking about this weekend's appointment in Manchester for too long. That's why, because of the result there depends largely on their presence in the Games, nerves are more present than ever.

«The Olympic classification is very hard. Any slip is paid, so we just want the World Cup to come and do it the best we can. The preparation is already done, it just remains to compete, "they explain to ABC shortly before traveling to the tournament in which they hide much of their dreams. Of his Olympic illusions.

«Marta arrives very well», intervenes her sister. "I'm sure he's going to do great, but I …" Eva's doubts are explained by the injury she suffered two years ago and that forced her to undergo surgery again twelve months ago. «I feel that the knee has not finished being well until February and that I am not fully seated in the new weight. That's why I find it hard to be more optimistic. But I'm going to give everything, eh? ", Warns.

Xixo, the architect
The uncertainty that both exhibit before the appointment is cleared when talking to J
osé María Martín, «Xixo», her coach. The man who has chiseled the two for a decade. He is convinced that both will do well. As usual. "I see Marta very focused and Eva, although it has cost, becomes the competition, so it will do well," says the technician, one of those simple and modest gurus who rarely appear under the spotlight. Even so, just look around to realize your worth. The small gym located in an industrial estate on the outskirts of Leganés is full of aspirants to follow the path of the sisters. Even some of his rivals have asked to train there. Recognition that comes from other countries and that resists in Spain.

Here, Eva's Olympic medal was "turned off" right away. "After four or five months everything is over. The recognition is still there, yes. They call you for some act, but you have only had the help of the ADO scholarship and little else, "says the runner-up in the Rio event, who has not been able to find any sponsor in all this time. "I tried at first, but I do not care anymore," says the athlete, who in this Olympic cycle has had to put money from his pocket to compete in some tests abroad.

A laps with the medal
In any case, he prefers to be optimistic. «Little by little we are getting more visibility. Social networks help and there are more media that do not just talk about football, "says Eva, who hesitates when asked where she keeps the money from Rio. «The medal? Oysters! Where is it? He says looking at his sister. "It's that I've become independent and I do not know. I guess at my mother's house … I'll have to take it at some point … The truth is that I'm not a lot of trophies, I'm worth the memory. I'm very fond of that, "he says amused.

Taekwondo barely leaves them time for anything else. "We have the same hobbies as anyone, only we can not spend so many hours. What we most want when we do not train or are studying is to do nothing, "joke both, immersed in the universe of« Game of Thrones », as a half planet.

In addition to sport, its other main occupation are studios. Eva studied Computer Engineering, and Marta, Marketing. «The UCAM makes it easy for us. Not because they approve us, but they do take into account that we are elite athletes and they change the exam date or they give us the notes ». Small impulses that pave the way to those Olympic dreams of the Calvo family.

Marta Calvo (left) poses with her sister Eva (in red) for ABC – Ángel de Antonio
Two taekwondo aces

Eva Calvo:

He was born in Madrid on July 29, 1991 and started with taekwondo when he was 15 years old.

He climbed to the podium of a World Cup for the first time in 2013, with a bronze. Then he added a silver in 2015

She was proclaimed European champion in 2014 in Baku (Azerbaijan)

In the Games of Rio 2016 achieved the silver in the category of -57 kg.

Marta Calvo:

Born in Madrid on August 29, 1996, but lives in Leganés since she was a child with her family

At the age of ten, he started practicing taekwondo with his sister

It was proclaimed runner-up in the 2015 World Cup (-62 kg) and also achieved a silver in the European 2018

He was left without going to the 2016 Games for a controversial arbitration decision. (TagsToTranslate) sisters (t) bald (t) taekwondo


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