The OM Coupe Project – Season

“I am sure that Sampaoli thinks as I do, he will want us to win the Coupe de France”. The declaration is signed Alvaro Gonzalez placeholder image, this week at a press conference. But for that Jorge Sampaoli can aspire to make the Coupe de France a goal, it will be necessary that Alvaro and his teammates pass without incident this round of 16 against Canet-en-Roussillon, team of National 2. And when we know the liabilities of OM in cut against much inferior opponents (sorry, but we are redoing the list: Carquefou, Quevilly, Grenoble then in 4th division, and even more recently Andrézieux), we are not going to show off before tonight’s match.

The cut to regain confidence offensively

Especially since this OM worries. So defensively, the team has been making progress since Nasser Larguet is on the bench (zero goals conceded in Bordeaux nine against eleven, solid match in Lille until the 90th minute …), offensively, it remains very complicated. Apart from the match against Nice (3-2), the OM meetings are a big boredom in the animation of the game. The inability of the Olympians to get chances and shoot on goal is depressing for the supporters . In Nantes (1-1) it was extremely laborious, against Lyon (1-1) we were only entitled to a successful quarter of an hour before half-time, and in Lille (2-0) OM n ‘ quite simply hardly existed. However, this evening, it will be necessary to play the game and multiply the opportunities so as not to allow the Canet fans to believe it. Can this OM do it? We ask ourselves the question. “The players went through very difficult times, tries to explain Larguet on the difficulties of the Olympians in the attacking game. The confidence is very fragile in a player and even the game, even the technical aspect suffers. And therefore, of course, the occasions. The goal of the next coach is to give offensive benchmarks. When you get the ball, know who you have to go through, where do you have to go in order to put the danger on the opponent. That must be a priority area of ​​work. Talent alone is not enough, you have to have benchmarks to approach the opponent’s surface. “

The Sampaoli touch compatible with the cut?

Sampaoli knows what he will have to work on as a priority, he who also likes the offensive game requiring high intensity from the players. This mentality is risky, because it is a little “go it or it breaks”, but it could very well also marry with the state of mind of the Coupe de France and its matches to leave or double. If OM pass tonight, there will be four games to win for Sampaoli and his team if they want to go to the end of this competition. So, of course, the teams in the running, several are superior to OM, but this is a goal that the Argentinian coach can put on the table to save this end of the season and prepare well for the next one. “You have to hang on to the Europa League, by the championship or the cup”, spears Alvaro. “The Coupe de France is a priority for us”, adds Larguet. “We will put the best team on the field. It is a unifying competition. “ For Larguet’s last on the bench and before Sampaoli took over, the Olympians therefore have every reason to appear well on the pitch tonight.

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