Monday, 10 Dec 2018

The opening of the exhibition «Drawings of Hijaz and China» by Ahmed Nawar Bjaliri Capital

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Saturday 21 April 2018 – 4:41 PM
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Saturday 21 April 2018 – 4:41 PM

The artist celebrates d. Ahmed Nawar opened his exhibition “Drawings of Hijaz and China”, at 7 pm on Sunday, the galleries of the capital in Zamalek, in the presence of many artists, critics and media personalities public.

The exhibition, which runs until May 5, offers a new experience for Nawar, presenting a collection of works depicting some of the selected places in the land of Hejaz and China, where the spirit of the landscape is envied, expressing all the colors of nature with white and black equations.

The artist Ahmed Nawar is one of the imams of contemporary Egyptian art, where he collected a rare distinction between his role as a leading artist and his role as an enlightened leader of multiple sectors in the management of Egyptian culture, presenting a new presentation of his idea and his own vision of the world and things.

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