The opening of the ‘Sinfonietta Rīga’ season will feature music by violinist Mark Buškov

With the visit of the Latvian violinist Mark Buškov, winner of the Queen Elizabeth and Peter Tchaikovsky Competition, the new concert season will start on September 25 at 19.00 in the Grand Guild with a chamber orchestra conducted by Normunds Šnē.Sinfonietta Riga“.

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According to the representatives of the orchestra, “Delfi” is awarded an honorary place in the concert program for this year’s jubilee Ludwig van Beethoven – the chamber orchestra’s musicians will perform the master’s 4th symphony and overture for the song play “King Stefan”. In turn, listeners of Bushkov’s musical talents will be able to appreciate Leonard Bernstein’s “Serenade” in philosophical dialogues.

At the same time, this is also the anniversary year of “Sinfonietta Rīga”, starting the 15th act of creative work. The opening event of the season will be complemented by an exhibition of Frances Belte’s photo collages, in which the life of the orchestra during the previous season is captured through the eyes of the artist.

“The great designers of the world’s destinies have taken care of a really strange time, when Sinfonietta Rīga starts its 15th season. But it is possible that the arts are especially important now, because the change of association and consciousness flow caused by them is perhaps what people need now. , “in preparation for the concert season, evaluates Normunds Šnē.

Robert Schuman described Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony as a slender Greek virgin between two northern giants – Beethoven’s Third and Fifth Symphonies. Since the premiere of the symphony in 1806, the notion that the creative power of Beethoven’s genius and the quality of his works can be measured in a linear ascending curve, in the order of the symphony numbering, has been ingrained in the audience. However, this view is just a romantic illusion. In the introduction to the fourth symphony in the shadow of the great symphonic canvases, the listener encounters no less ambitious scenes – here dark clouds of dramatic power and destiny alternate with sunny major hues and reveal Beethoven’s characteristic hand-forged natural landscape observations.

Normund Schne says of the composer: “I have always wanted to believe that every performance of Beethoven’s symphony in Vienna at the time of their creation was a real revolution. And it seems to me that this work must be played today – that this is the first time that it it is a revelation that these ideas have never touched the minds of the world. “

Beethoven has presented a vivid historical narrative in the song play “King Stefan”, which was commissioned to commemorate the millennium of King Stephen of Hungary in 1811.

The concert program, performed by guest musician and Belgian violinist Mark Bushkov, will feature the youth opus for violin, strings and percussion “Serenade, based on Plato’s” Feast “,” by the American composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein. Bernstein has approached the interpretation of the ideas of philosophers of the ancient world conceptually, creating five different messages of the negotiators. The monologues of Faidra, Aristophanes, Eriksamach, Agatona and Socrates have created a musical form for the ideas.
The work is dedicated to Serge and Natalia Kusevicki and premiered in 1952 at the La Fenice Theater in Venice with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and violinist Isaac Stern.

As a dedication to the 15th concert season of “Sinfonietta Rīga”, an exhibition of photo collages by the young artist, Frances Belte, a student of the Willem Cooning Academy in Rotterdam, will be shown in the foyer of the Grand Guild. The works were created by synthesizing and transforming the motifs captured by the photo lens during the previous concert season of the chamber orchestra.

“Referring to the ideas of the French thinker Michel Foucault about heterotopia, or otherness of space, I create a work about different social spaces. One is an orchestra, the other is a listener.

Frances Belte’s works this year In August, they were exhibited at the ISSP Photo Academy Closing Exhibition in the Berga Bazaar Exhibition Hall, but in the Grand Guild they will be on display on the day of the concert.

Mark Buškov’s role is expressive – this is how the concert organizers describe him. “His violin playing is characterized by a thorough immersion in the musical material, a deep understanding of the historical aspects of the score and an authentic interpretation.

Bushkov’s musical rise is marked by success in several prestigious performing arts competitions. The violin laurels were won by the violin at the Henri Koha International Violin Competition in Liège, the Queen Elizabeth Competition in Antwerp, and the Montreal International Performing Artists Competition. Last year, Bushkov won second place in the Peter Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow, as well as received the Dortmund Cultural Foundation Music Prize.

Bushkov has collaborated with such outstanding conductors as Stanislav Kočanovskis, Howard Griffith, Andrei Boreiko and Christoph Eschenbach. As a soloist, Bushkov has performed with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Belgian National Orchestra, the Turin Radio and Television (RAI) Symphony Orchestra, the Hamburg Northern German Radio (NDR) Symphony Orchestra, the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, the Liège Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, the Moscow orchestras. At the invitation of Marisa Janson, Bushškov participated in the opening concert of the Royal “Concertgebouw” orchestra’s concert cycle “Essentials” in 2014.

Tickets for the concert can be purchased at “Biļešu paradīze” box offices and online.

Taking into account the public interest, the organizers of the concert ask to draw attention to the fact that the concert program “Mozart’s” Little Night Music “and Haydn’s Violin Concerto” postponed on April 24 will take place next year – on September 25, 2021.

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