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The Oslo Stock Exchange recovered strongly – E24

The main index collects some of yesterday’s heavy falls, where the Golden Ocean was among the stocks that climbed.


The main index on the Oslo Stock Exchange ends the day up 1.58 percent.

The stock exchange has thus recovered from some of yesterday’s marked fall of 1.71 per cent.

At the same time, the oil price has turned slightly down for the day, and the burn-spot is traded for around 66 dollars at closing time on the Oslo Stock Exchange – down 0.92 percent for the day.

Wall Street is also moving up the same afternoon, as are several of the major stock exchanges in Europe.

Upturn for Fredriksen shipping company

The brutal start to last year in the dry cargo market has completely reversed this year, as shown in Golden Ocean’s figures for the first quarter.

Profit before tax for the first three months of the year was $ 24 million, up from minus $ 161 million last year, according to the quarterly report.

It is the best start to the year ever for the Fredriksen-dominated shipping company, and the share ended up 6.69 percent.

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Best start of the year ever for Fredriksen shipping company


Lerøy Seafood has reported what analysts describe as a somewhat weak quarter. The main explanation is that Lerøy Aurora had a weak price achievement as a result of a tough winter year.

The Lerøy share fell in early trading, but since then the trend has reversed. The stock ends up 4.07 percent.

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Swedish SBB will be the largest owner in Solon Eiendom

Before the stock exchange opened, Solon Eiendom and the Swedish SBB came with the news that they are entering into a collaboration through a number of agreements. Among other things, SBB will be the largest shareholder in Solon Eiendom.

The Solon share ends up 3.37 percent after the news.

Everfuel and Hydro have also come up with collaboration news in the morning. They will collaborate on hydrogen supply. They will use hydrogen to replace gas in their own facilities, and sell hydrogen to others for use in trucks and ships.

Everfuel shares climbed 9.87 percent after the news. The Hydro share, for its part, turned down during the day, ending with a fall of 0.63 percent.

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