July 18, 2019

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The other "battles" of Brussels against the technological ones

The start of a formal investigation against Amazon, announced yesterday by the still commissary of competition the Danish Margrethe Vestager, is to determine if there has been abuse of dominant position by the digital giant and, especially, to know the use that has been making Certain data from customers and SMEs that have used the platform to sell their products. All this, with the background of the succession of Juncker at the head of the European Commission. But this is not the first time that Brussels has faced these transatlantic liners of the digital era:

2004: Pioneer pioneers to Microsoft
The European Commission imposed a fine of 497 million in Microsoft in 2004 for refusing to provide technical documentation to its rivals so that they could generate programs compatible with the Windows operating system. For breaching its commitments, he put another fine of 860 million in 2008. In total, Microsoft has paid 2,000 million euros in penalties to the European Commission.

2009: Intel paid 1,060 euros for excluding AMD
The manufacturer of microprocessors Intel also Brussels imposed a fine in 2009 of 1.06 billion. The Commission accused him of using between 2002 and 2007 a strategy to exclude from the market his only serious rival, AMD: from discounts and payments to computer manufacturers such as Acer, Dell, HP or Lenovo to use microprocessors from Intel and not AMD , in addition to doing the same with the distributor MediaMarkt.

January 2018: Varapalo to Qualcomm
Two of the main fines have been taken by the current Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager. One of them ended with Qualcomm paying a fine of 997 million euros to Qualcomm for abusing its dominant position in the LTE chip market. The company prevented its rivals from competing by reaching a million-dollar agreement with a key manufacturer, Apple, to use only its chips.

July 2018: historic fine to Google
Brussels opened in April 2015 an investigation to Google for abuse of dominant position through its Android operating system. Finally, he sanctioned the company with 4,340 million for imposing the manufacturers pre-install Google applications on mobile devices, such as Google Search or Chrome. In 2017, it imposed a fine of 2,424 million for favoring the Google Shopping service in its search engine.