the other disease that worries researchers a lot as autumn approaches

“When the body has already fought a gigantic battle, it is difficult to start another”, sums up soberly Jean-François Mattéi, Minister of Health, Family and Disabled People of the Raffarin I and II government. The politician, who now chairs the Academy of Medicine, chose the columns of the Parisian to alert the French. Another epidemic, much less exotic than the one that required putting the country under cover for months, could also hit the Hexagon. No less dangerous, however, especially under the present circumstances. “You do not play the Wimbledon final the day after Roland Garros!”, Also continues the former doctor.

This other pathology that worries doctors so much is none other than the traditional flu. Especially since it presents a series of symptoms (cough, fatigue, fever) which are reminiscent of Covid-19. “This is the whole difficulty,” explains virologist Vincent Enouf, who works at the Institut Pasteur. Difficult to identify with precision who suffers from what. “If he is vaccinated, it will be easier to eliminate the first option,” he adds.

Does the flu kill as much as the Covid-19 epidemic?

Some also think that the flu vaccination campaign could prove to be truly beneficial. Practically essential in the fight against the spread of the virus. “Not that the flu vaccine protects against Covid”, qualifies the regional daily, “but it could limit the coexistence of diseases, so feared by caregivers”.

And there is cause for concern: between 2014 and 2015, the flu killed some 18,300 people. As a reminder, the current epidemic has killed 30,950 people so far.

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