The patient in the ambulance waited eight hours. They were looking for a place in Rybnik, Jastrzębie and Wodzisław. Paramedic shared the video

A paramedic shared a shocking video on social media. In it, he explains that the ambulance with a patient suspected of being infected with coronavirus traveled for almost eight hours – no hospital wanted to see them. They visited institutions in Rybnik, Jastrzębie-Zdrój and Wodzisław Śląski.

The patient sat in the ambulance for almost eight hours. Why?

Undoubtedly, the situation in the healthcare sector is difficult at present. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, everything “turns upside down” – doctors and paramedics have a lot of responsibilities. They sacrifice a lot to save the lives of others. It is hard work, as we can see from a video that was shared on social media by one of the paramedics who described a rather terrifying situation.

For almost eight hours, an ambulance with a patient on board traveled around the region, but no hospital wanted to see people suspected of being infected with coronavirus.

– I would like to live in Poland painted by the government media. Unfortunately, I live in reality – he wrote paramedic.


On Thursday, October 22, after On the 23rd, the ambulance started with a man who had difficulty breathing.

– We took him from the house, we found out there were no places in isolation in front of the house. The dispatcher doesn’t know where to send us. I said, “what do we have to do” to make a destination of the trip – says the lifeguard.

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They were ordered to go to Rybnik. There, however, they bounced off the wall – they heard that there was also no room in this hospital.

– Dispatcher’s offer – go to Wodzisław. It’s just as dark and empty there. The nurses said the room was closed until six o’clock. The isolation rooms are full of “covids” that must first be taken somewhere, but no one knows where, because there are no places either – continues the rescuer.

Then the dispatcher said that they should go to Jastrzębie-Zdrój. So they did.

– It turned out that Jastrzębie does not have isolation rooms, there are no places. So again – after thinking and calling wherever possible – we drove back to Wodzisław. It is 2:48. We are waiting. For what? I have no idea – he says.

During this time, the patient receives help from paramedics – he gets medication, but “cannot count on normal treatment”.

The paramedic also posted a photo of the card – it shows that the departure of the Medical Rescue Team began at 23:02 and ended at … 6:46. This means that the patient spent practically eight hours in the ambulance.

This is how they work at the Megrez hospital in Tychy. They fight every day for …

How is it possible that there were no vacancies in these hospitals? This is not known yet.

– The bed base is systematically growing in almost all hospitals in the voivodeship. In addition, we are creating a temporary hospital – said Alina Kucharzewska, spokesman for the Silesian Voivode, in an interview with the portal, which publicized the whole matter.

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