The peace agreement with the Talibn contemplates the total withdrawal of international troops

Thepeace agreement with the Talibancontemplates an initial reduction of US troops within four months with a view to atotal withdrawalof international forces in 14 months, according to a draft of the agreement collected by the Afghan network Tolo News.

“The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the United States and the international coalition have concluded that current levels of military forces are no longer necessary to achieve security objectives. Therefore,The United States will reduce its force contingent to 8,600 troopswithin 135 days of the announcement of this joint declaration, “according to the agreement.

“The United States and the international coalition will complete the withdrawal of the remaining forces from Afghanistan within 14 months, andthey will withdraw all their forces from the remaining bases, on condition that the Taliban comply with the commitments made in the agreement, “the text adds.

Also, the United States “reaffirms its commitment to pursue aannual financingfor training, equipping and maintaining Afghan security forces, so that Afghanistan can defend itself, independently, from internal and external threats. “

In addition, the agreement stipulates that the Afghan Government will open a period of discussions with theUnited Nations Security Councilto withdraw members of the Taliban from their sanctions list before May 29, 2020.

Historic Peace Agreement

The United States and the Taliban signed a historic peace agreement in the capital of Qatar on Saturdayin the presence of international observersand dignitaries from various countries, including the foreign ministers of Turkey and Pakistan, as well as a large insurgent delegation. The pact was signed by the United States special representative for peace,Zalmay Khalilzad, and the Taliban leader, mullahAbdul Ghani Baradar.

Both representatives subsequently merged into a handshake and the ceremony hall in a luxurious hotel in Qatar, with a large presence of Taliban, shouted ‘Allah is great’.

Before the signing, a speech was given by the head of the Qatari diplomacy, Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al Zani, the US secretary of state,Mike Pompeo, and Ghani Baradar.

Pompeo, who arrived in Doha on Saturday to participate in the historic event, said that what has been achieved so far “Is not perfect, but the Taliban have shown that they can be peaceful when they want to. “This Friday concluded a week of reducing the Taliban’s violence in Afghanistan, one of Washington’s conditions for signing the agreement and proof of goodwill by The insurgents

“There will be temptations to declare victory,” Pompeo warned, but “the victory for the US will be when its citizensno longer have to fear any threat of attackfrom Afghanistan. “

For his part, the Taliban signer highlighted this “historic” event and praised the “successful negotiations” between his group and the US, ensuring that “the agreement alsoIt is good for the international community“The Taliban began the process to get here in February 2018, when their political office in Doha urged Washington to take part in a” direct “dialogue after years of refusal.

In October of that same year, Khalilzad and leaders of the insurgents held the first of more than a dozen rounds of dialogue in Qatar. Last September, the president of the United States,Donald Trump, abruptly canceled the meetings in response to an attack in Kabul in which an American died, although the process was resumed at the end of November after a visit by the leader to Afghanistan.

Finally, on February 22, 2020, the Taliban implemented a reduction in violence for seven days, which has occurred without serious incidents.


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